3 Tips for CEO with Small or No Experience

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4 Tips for CEO with Small or No Experience — KeepSolid Blog

Becoming a successful CEO is one of the most interesting journeys you’ll ever have. However, you are on your own with your responsibilities on this trip. Moreover, there is no one-size-fits-all guideline which you have to follow to become a Super CEO. Since you have chosen this way, you should understand that it’s an extremely thorny path.

If your CEO duties make you feel tired, stressed, or frightened, you’d better brace yourself and get ready, there’s a chance that it will aggravate in time. Are you getting the wind up already? Don’t worry, we are here to lend you a hand and alleviate your plight. So sit back and read attentively, we’ve prepared helpful strategy tips for CEOs, along with examples of how to realize them with our productivity app, Roadmap Planner.

Remember, the devil is in the details

One of the most important traits that an effective CEO should possess is a reasonable perfectionism. There is a fine line between true perfectionism and letter-worshipping to details. For example, scrupulously making one tiny innovative feature perfect can result in your competitors patenting the invention first. So finding a balance between a pursuit of excellence and a clear-eyed understanding of a situation is helpful for enhancing your efficiency.

Moreover, attention to details is not only about creating your ideal strategy, but also about being flexible and adapting to circumstances. You have to prepare for the consequences of your decisions and foresee the possible reactions of business environment. That’s why a plan B is always a reasonable alternative.

Practice: Visualize your strategy with our Gantt Chart View and find your pace of working out innovations. Backlog Management will help you to create your “plan B” and if something goes wrong, drag and drop it to your project and get down to work.

Reframe your “Mona Lisa”

Reframing is one of the most interesting exercises to develop your Emotional Intelligence (EI). You can’t deny there are some situations which are beyond your control. It can be anything influenced by third parties, for instance, disruption of a transaction, loss of market share, and so on. Such situations might put you out of temper, cause certain problems, and drive a wedge between members of your team. But ponder for a moment – if you can’t change the context, why don’t you change your attitude to it?

Let’s refer to the art of painting. It’s no secret that the picture frame defines and affects how we perceive the oeuvre as a whole. Imagine Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” with the gray frame and with the golden one. What do you feel? Most probably, the golden frame sets a completely different tone of the picture for you. And that’s the crucial point about reframing. In this part of our exercise you should ask yourself the following questions: What’s good about this situation? What should this teach me? What useful things can I make of this? What should I do for not causing it again? Use this formula and your CEO job will forbid emotions getting the best of you.

Practice: Visualization of reframing will be a great start for improving your EI. You could start with something as simple as changing fonts, project and timeline colors, and adding thematic icons in our app. Also, notes in items will help you to answer the above-mentioned questions.

Keep solid on your way to the Hall of Fame

There are some shortcuts on the way to success, but you still have to put a lot of effort. There will be lots of obstacles on your way and the main helper in such situation is having a clear SMART goal. You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of setting goals – don’t forget about this. Repeat your goal to yourself every time you think you are about to give up. Don’t be afraid to fall flat or make mistakes, it’s okay – we are not robots. All that matters is how quickly you rise after falling. Simply adjust your plan according to new experience and keep going.

Practice: In the beginning of your CEO journey, you should live as if you were a Business Superhero: waking up early in the morning, working a lot, maybe even forgetting about private life. But still, don’t forget about taking a day off from time to time and remember that your hard job will be rewarded. Displaying days, months, or even years, Flexible Timeline will help you optimize tasks and show when you can make pauses and dedicate time to yourself. Milestones will define your goals and Items will help you achieve them step by step.

Using these techniques along with our feature-rich app will highly increase your productivity. Download Roadmap Planner now and see for yourself with a free 21-day trial! 


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