Can Anyone Do a Brilliant To-Do list app within 48h only?

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The Initial Story behind To Do Checklist App

Planning and productivity management are completely boring things that are, oftentimes, not worth mentioning unless they can be “cured” with some magic to do list app. An iPhone or iPad oftentimes becomes a graveyard of a whole number of productivity apps that just seem fail to work. Many of us know when we are about to enter a new project, we dream about how well-organized our life can become, and we search for great to-do list app and then using it becomes completely boring or too complicated. And out of nowhere, I got the idea that there should be an app that welcomes the user to do his tasks, incorporating both personal and work goals that can be achieved in a single day.

Instead of seeing a typical to do list app as the origin of the highest happiness points or the greatest dissatisfaction, I started with admitting the fact that the right goals that I set for myself is a hard-to-accomplish and daunting task. Then I thought that wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant that will help me organize my life better? The app that will allow me to focus on my short-term and long-term goals instead of moving chaotically through my day.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

The question was: “Can to-do list app be a valid helper that assists me to get through my days, but substantially contributing to my personal productivity?” I looked around, and the market just lacked the app attractive enough to really want to stick to it. Having the idea in my head of the taking my chances to increase my personal productivity, I subconsciously started a dispute with my colleagues that a good quality app cannot be made within 48 hours. And, substantially, I knew that my co-workers, the talented and experienced programmers, were right, but I was very much driven to prove them wrong.

I got instantly inspired in making an app within 48 hours timeframe and getting the much needed results. The idea of new to do list app concept stroke me and I took the challenge to make a special application in less than 2 days.

Getting Things Done

As soon as I took the challenge, I knew that I was doomed as the market offers a great number of to do list apps that offer the wide set of features, options and designs. But, at the same time, I knew that the digital world needs a new app made using the strategic approach to code programming part and complete clean interface that offers intuitive management as a second part of the challenge. Personally, I had to find a way to put aside:

  1. Tiresome pursuit of goal-setting lists;
  2. Impossible quest for supreme personal productivity.

I just knew that I want the users to put aside all the underachieved goals and frustration from it by turning the To Do Checklist into a tool of personal fulfillment.

What Are the Greatest Pitfalls of common To-Do Lists that make you fail?

Believe it or not, there are several tiresome mistakes that people tend to make that lead them to never want to use a to-do list again.

a)     they try to do too much at once;

b)     they set a variety of goals that come into conflict with one another;

c)     they fail to meet the deadlines.

As a result, the desire to re-organize personal life or to build new productivity habits are instantly thrown out. Frustration takes over, and a person is left with the feelings of personal failure.  And he never wants to feel this way again and puts the use of much needed to do list aside, meaning the trash.

How Not To Fail When You have Only 48h To Write a Productivity App?

My Company’s employees heard our little debate on personal productivity level, and they naturally divided into two groups who were for and against “write an app in 48h” concept.

  • I knew that I had very little time and just one vision in my head.
  • Also, I knew that I will fail if I focus on conflicting goals and will end up feeling unhappy instead of doing the right actions.
  • As soon as I have set my mind to achieving my goal and to proving the other co-workers wrong, an inspiration to create an attractive easy-to-grasp To Do Checklist design vision appeared.
  • All I had to do is to apply the programming code and to follow the idea that I already had in my head.
  • As a result, my personal programming approach incorporated with intuitive strategy have worked 100%, showing that a personal determination and expert knowledge in the field can do miracles.

To Do Checklist was completed in precisely 48 hours and other employees were stunned to see me so determined, taking my productivity to the next level. The users have highly evaluated the app’s performance by selecting To Do Checklist to be their personal assistant they like to use every single day, which they support with positive App Store reviews.

To summarize, I would like to add that today we have released To Do Checklist 3.0 with the extensive set of features and multiple online and offline use options. The app continues to receive high praises from the audience that I am very much thankful for. What once has started as Company’s employee debate, now is inspiring productivity To Do Checklist 3.0.


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