Can Your Application Share Photos via Multiple WiFi Networks?

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office-hotelFor example, two or more users are using WiFi hotspots. They wish to send and share new photos. Many existing apps on the market allow to send photos if the electronic devices are sharing the same WiFi. But there are numerous WiFi hotspot locations that use more than one WiFi hotspot to assure their users are provided with high-speed Internet. This is applicable to many offices, multistorey buildings and hotels.  Photo Transfer WiFi app allows sharing photos even if two or more electronic devices are located in different WiFi hotspots. Believe it or not, this option is highly beneficial.

Photo Transfer WiFi app is designed to find electronic devices such as iPhone, iPad, PC, or notebooks that are located in the same or multiple WiFi hotspot locations. Another way to do it is the app can identify the PC users that are connected with the cord to initiate the photo transfer.

Can the Use of Different WiFi Hotspots become a problem?

There is a common case scenario. The two colleagues at work need to share new photos for their ongoing online project. One user has an iPad and the other one has Mac OS X notebook. As you may know, many offices use multiple WiFi hotspots to support their network, making the net space less “cluttered”.

The two employees may be located in the same office, but they are using different WiFi hotspots. It may look easy to do the photo transfer, but the two electronic devices should have the photo sharing software to support the transfer, allocated in the same WiFi hotspot. The users turn on their WiFi connections, but the two electronic devices cannot identify or “see” each other. At this point, they are located in two different WiFi hotspots. Photo Transfer WiFi app can easily solve this problem.

  1. Simply turn on Photo Transfer WiFi app.
  2. Identify the electronic device. The app does it automatically, considering the initial app installation on both devices.
  3. Press allow button on the selected photo sharing folder.
  4. Initiate the photo transfer.

How Does It Work?

Let’s review the basic process how the photo transfer is done. The app identifies the electronic devices you wish to send your photos to. One user allocates the photo albums and allows the photo transfer. The app “doesn’t care” if you use different WiFi networks because it can still send photos to any selected electronic devices with iOS, Mac OS X, MS Windows or Linux platforms. The photo sharing problem seized to exist because Photo Transfer WiFi does not limit you while using different WiFi hotspots if they share the same underlying network.

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