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Celebrating KeepSolid Sign’s Birthday: Year in Review

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We just can’t believe that! On this exact day of October 5th one year ago our team launched a public beta test of our electronic signature solution, KeepSolid Sign. Time passed so quickly, and today we are celebrating KeepSolid Sign’s first birthday.

It was an extremely important and fruitful year for our team. Now we hasten to share our results with you. In this piece, we divide them into three topics: major developments, key implemented features, and plans for the future. Meet our year-in-review article about the e-Signature solution by KeepSolid team. Let’s check it out!

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Major developments of electronic signature solution by KeepSolid

As we have already stated, our story began with a public beta test. Despite the fact that we were still polishing our app, we weren’t afraid to show it to users. Our team strongly believes that massive public tests are essential. By then, we’d implemented the basic set of features in our app and temporarily allowed our users to download KeepSolid Sign for free.

The basic set of features included e-Signature itself, synchronization and secure storage, offline mode, collaboration, document status tracking, and templates. Also, our app was available for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and as a limited web version.

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Our public beta test was so successful that on December 11th KeepSolid Sign received 2 awards from FinancesOnline, a trusted B2B directory. Our business tool was recognized by experts and rewarded with 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards. Moreover, 2 months later we ended up in the top 4 products of the day on Product Hunt. It was so inspiring!

The official release of KeepSolid Sign took place on January 26th. This version was full of new top-notch features such as modified list of cloud storages, Open In feature, tips, drag&drop for iOS, and document scan for Android. Also, since then our users can choose the subscription plan that fits their needs best. Back then, those used to be annual Big Team and Personal subscriptions, along with a 14-day free trial period.

Key features implemented in our business solution throughout the year

After the official release, we wanted to conquer new peeks with our e-Signature software. We have always striven to save users’ time, increase productivity, and just to make our business solution better for them.

In July, 2018, KeepSolid Sign became the first e-Signature app to support Apple Watch. Click To Tweet

In reply to your requests, early in July we made it possible to e-Sign documents without registration in our app. And in the end of the month we became the first e-Signature provider to support Apple Watch. In August it was high time we updated KeepSolid Sign web version and launched its beta test. By the way, you can still become our beta tester, too.

All in all, our top features that we implemented during this period were as follows:

  • GDPR compliance
  • New document status – Waiting for queue
  • Ability to create Folders
  • Touch ID for Android

Future plans for our e-Signature software

We are always on the move, and now we’re preparing something new for you. Among our nearest aims is to implement a comprehensive Audit Trail of your document edits. This will include document and participant names, their IP and email addresses, creation dates, document statuses, etc. Pretty soon we’ll have an official release of our web version. We’re polishing our app according to your feedback & requests, and upgrade it with new features. And we can’t wait to share with you the results.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned to our blog and never miss any updates about our solutions. We’ll be glad to receive your opinion (and maybe even congratulations 🙂 ) in the comments below.

Happy Birthday KeepSolid Sign!

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