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Electronic Signature Applications for Realtors and Brokers

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Real estate business can be exhausting. No matter if you are a broker or an agent, you will inevitably face somewhat similar problems. In part, they stem from the very nature of this industry (e.g. legal complexity and restrictions) and are unlikely to be fixed anytime soon. Other issues, however, are merely a result of the immaturity of technology, and as such, their solution for real estate is only a matter of time.

One such temporary problem used to be the paperwork. It would always require signing overwhelming amounts of documents, contracts, and forms, which had the following drawbacks:

  • it could take a tremendous amount of time to complete all the signing
  • going through all the paperwork was annoying for customers, negatively impacting the client satisfaction scores and, thereafter, reducing the chance to strike a deal
  • keeping account of dozens to hundreds of documents and their current statuses was excruciating for brokers
  • not to mention all the corresponding costs – paper, ink, printers, file cabinets, etc.

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Electronic real estate solution of the paperwork problem

A shift came with the introduction of professional electronic signature apps for realtors. These services enable the signing of a contract with a real estate agent or a broker digitally on any casual device like phone or PC. E-Signing technology quickly became a game-changer in this market, offering unparalleled convenience and new opportunities. Here are the TOP 5 advantages of electronic document signing services for real estate.

  1. Speed up the process.
    When every part of the document signing process takes place in digital form, neither real estate agents nor their clients need to be physically present to close a deal. Additionally, it becomes easier to clinch a bargain on-the-spot, as soon as the client makes up their mind, as opposed to having to drive all the way back to the office. And obviously, faster turnaround time on agreements means that more of them can be scored at a definite time.

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  2. Make the process more intuitive.
    As always, the easier it is for a customer to spend money, the more likely he is to do so. Electronic signatures in real estate remove many hindrances, like the need to travel long distances to the agency or to verify every step of the transaction. Seeing how complicated it is to buy a house, customers will duly appreciate if you make this ever so easier.
  3. Adds security.
    Paper is fragile and unreliable. Either you spend a lot of time and resources to safeguard it, or you are always at risk of your valuable documents getting lost/spoiled/stolen. That’s why digitizing them is such a lifesaver. However, e-Sign realtor software does more than just backups of your files. It applies top-notch encryption and authentication to ensure that your documents are completely protected from any incidents or ill-intentioned third parties.
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  4. Streamlines the paperwork.
    Every little helps, and electronic signature tools provide realtors with lots of little conveniences. To name a few:
    centralizing your real estate documents
    – turning your everyday devices into powerful electronic signature platforms
    – providing brokers with real-time information about the deals and their status via the app’s interface and notifications
    – allowing customers to sign either in-app or via email
  5. Simplifies legal aspects.
    First and foremost, you will no longer have to undertake the hassle of witnessing customers’ signatures. Professional services like KeepSolid Sign are compliant with ESIGN and UETA acts. Also, such tools automatically create document audit trails, which is a common requirement in real estate contracts. 

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As you can see, electronic signing brings numerous benefits to all parties. So what do you say, would you like to close more deals as a real estate agent, or attract top realtors as a broker? Try KeepSolid Sign for FREE for 14 days to see what a relief it is for your business! (smooth and swift experience, 24/7 support, and handy user helper are included)

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