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Why Should HR Department Use Electronic Signature Solution?

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Recruiting, onboarding, and managing employees are the main tasks of an HR manager. However, when you work with the staff, you also face challenges that stem from a huge number of binding documentaries. Your paperwork includes numerous offers, handbooks, insurance information, NDAs, etc. Unfortunately, this can turn into a paper nightmare that will actually hinder the work of the whole HR department.

Luckily, digitization is a new trend in business. Companies strive to become paperless, and implementation of an electronic signature solution is an integral part of this process. Today our team would like to share with you how HR managers and employees can benefit from e-Signature, using KeepSolid Sign as an example.  

What is electronic signature?

E-Signature is a helpful tool for businesses which releases them from the print-and-scan routine by digitizing your paperwork. It is a perfect solution for signing documents, collaborating with partners and employees, and completing deals. KeepSolid Sign, in turn, is an electronic signature software with advanced security and a handful of e-Sign features. Thanks to rich functionality, this software is an invaluable assistant for improving business productivity.  

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Benefits of electronic signature technology for HR managers

Since HR professionals have to sign a lot of documents at almost every stage of the employment cycle, making use of an e-Signature solution is essential. Here are the benefits they get:

  • Saving time. No need to hamper the hiring process with endless paperwork. Thanks to the Templates feature you’ll always have the needed employee’s contract or form at hand. You don’t have to draft a document from the beginning, print it for candidates, and wait for them to sign it and bring it back. Choose a template, annotate a candidate, and click the Send button – it’s that easy!
  • Onboarding new talents. Sending perfect candidates an offer swiftly ensures that you don’t let them slip away. Your candidates won’t even have to register in our app to sign offers with KeepSolid Sign. Just open your offer, add a participant, enter their email address, and send it. Your candidate will receive an email with a link to the offer. Following this link, they will be able to sign your doc in a few minutes. Making the signing process as fast as possible, you leave them no time for changing their mind and refusing your offer 😉
Since HR professionals have to sign a lot of documents at almost every stage of the employment cycle, making use of an e-Signature solution is essential. Click To Tweet
  • Organized workflow. With KeepSolid Sign you can track the document status and see if it is already signed, or if someone’s slacking. Our app also helps you to find needed documents faster and keep them organized. For instance, you can easily place files by every employee in respective Folders.
  • Secure storage. Thanks to PGP and AES-256 encryption, all documents in our app are enciphered. As a result, no third-party will be able to decode it. Other security features and protection settings are also included.
  • Signing on-the-go. Being an HR manager, you probably take often business trips and visit lots of conferences. KeepSolid Sign makes your signing ability mobile. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can send documents for e-Signing anyway. Even if there is no internet connection, you can complete deals in Offline mode.
  • HR managers shaking hand with candidate on job interview and eSigning offerPositive impression. Good e-Signing experience can help you to build trust between employees and your company. The usage of an electronic signature solution describes your company as high-tech and improves your image in the candidate’s eyes. The user-friendly interface of KeepSolid Sign makes the signing process easier and more convenient, which will definitely impress your potential employees.

Final words

That’s it for today! We hope this article was useful for you. The main idea of using electronic signature in HR department is that you focus on recruiting and onboarding candidates and forget about the paper nightmare. Try KeepSolid Sign with 14-day FREE trial and check yourself!


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