False Hustle: What Kills Your Productivity?

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As we continue to widen the limits of our productivity, we’ve decided to explore whether active mode contributes or lowers your ability to do more. In this post, we will discuss the troubles of false hustle and determine how being too busy can actually make your less productive. As soon as you are done reading, you will be ready to grab your To Do Checklist and reorganize your tasks to perform activities that will truly contribute your productivity.


Did you know that being busy all the time is easy, yet being productive is hard. The “false business” starts with answering dozens of “quick” emails, writing too many plans, doing half-day little assignments, helping others do their work while neglecting your job responsibilities, etc. As a result, you may look back on your week and feel like you are completely overworked, yet there is very little number of things that you have actually accomplished.

False Hustle that Saps Your Productivity

  1. Running late for important meetings
  2. Leaving unfinished tasks for later
  3. Planning too many tasks in one day
  4. Squeezing another “urgent task” thinking that you’ve got time for it
  5. Skipping your fitness classes because of work overload
  6. Missing out on healthy meals (“I’ll get my salad later” means never!)
  7. Coming to work on a week-end
  8. Spending very little or no time with your family
  9. Solving problems of other people instead of doing what you are hired to do

Falling into “false hustle trap” is normal for everyone at some point. It happens unintentionally as we have to deal with a great number of tasks in a day! Falling as a victim of false hustle means that you torpedo or sabotage your personal, career and business goals.

What is False Hustle?

A term that has originated in baseball, “false hustle” means expending your energy and working harder, yet you apply all of your efforts in wrong areas. It is spending your time and efforts on multiple tasks, expending your energy on activities that do not ultimately lead to reaching your goals!

Important Note. You can’t identify whether you fall as a victim of your false hustle unless you have your goals! The goals should be – yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly. Spend some time to set your goals and put them in To Do Checklist. This way your goals will be always quick to reach and look at, contributing to helping your achieve them faster.

Questions to ask yourself every week to determine your Progress

  • What did I do/accomplish this week?
  • Did I move closer toward my monthly or quarterly goals? How?
  • What are my actions for the next week? (to help me achieve my goals)

Take To Do Checklist and block off the time from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day to assign one specific activity to do every day that will overall contribute to achieving your ultimate goals for the following week. There is no time to think, there is no time to disconnect from your goals and purposes. Continue to be persistent and show your perseverance?

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