Why is it Important to Connect Your Goals with All Team Members?

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Vasiliy Ivanov, a co-founder & CEO of KeepSolid

Do you often change your short-term goals? Are they associated with long-term objectives, or their aim is to eliminate current issues, while the long-term goal is just a golden dream? Today, Vasiliy Ivanov, a co-founder and CEO of KeepSolid, will share his experience in this matter, and try to get the point across to you on why it is important to clearly communicate your goals to each member of your team.

Let your team know your strategic vision

Well, being drawn into the everyday routine, games of non-involved employees, and attempts to spare funds, we at KeepSolid had been facing the failure to reach even rm_plannershort-term goals for a great while. Even the strictest  control did not solve the issue of non-compliance with the projects deadlines. Moreover, this approach was progressively demotivating employees.

The first decision, which marked the turning point of the company, was to connect each team member with the goals that I had set. As a result, the company began to work as a unified whole, and all the employees started to move in the direction of the same goal, instead of trying to achieve different ones, as it was before.

We announced our long-term plans, and divided them into stages. The decomposition continued until it became obvious what exactly each employee should do in his project to achieve the common goals. All this helped each manager to clearly see the tasks of his level, and understand what kind of the result should be to get a positive evaluation.

Right people + right tools = better results

Things went much better, the majority of employees became more involved. However, there was a side effect as well. Some team members appeared to be not interested to work in the product company, and consciously remained at the lowest level of motivation – “money”.

Then we tried to follow the long-term plan, but there was no a single suitable solution in the market to effectively help us in this task. For some time we had to do this on a paper or in spreadsheets. But I decided not to waste our valuable time anymore. That’s how Roadmap Planner appeared!

What about you? Do you often change your short-term goals? You are welcome to share your experience in the Comments section below.

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