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Infographics: Who Needs Electronic Signature Software?

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Electronic signature service is definitely the little tool that goes a long way. Paperwork may not be the most tedious and burdensome task in the world (well, that’s debatable). But nobody would argue they’d rather do something more productive and exciting with their time than printing and scanning yet another bunch of documents.

Take a look at our today’s infographic to find out which trades benefit from an e-Signature solution, and how e-Signing makes their lives easier every day. The information is based on KeepSolid Sign users’ feedback on Capterra and G2 Crowd.

Infographics: Data encryption, Cross-platform synchronization, Dedicated customer supportInfographics: Team collaboration, Book and record keeping, Coherent UI/UXInfogtraphics: Intuitive interface, create templates for standard-form contracts, affordable solution Infographics: E-Signature, Import and export documentsInfographics: Available on mobile platform, retain multiple signatures, KeepSolid Sign Customer SupportInfographics: Convenient document management and tracking, internal documentation, Feature-rich esignature appInfographics: Signing away with both desktop and mobile applications, Multiple users, Affordable for a studentInfographics: Concise and convincing interface, Work with documents on the go, Optimize paperwork Infographics: Easy to figure everything out, Professional-looking documentsInfographics: Page marking options, Proof of Delivery signed, Agreements will never get lost or spoiled againInfographics: Great for lawyers that have clients that need to get contracts signed ASAP, Keep executed documents in one place, Reminders

So, do you think your line of work could use a touch of electronic signature software? Or perhaps you’re working in one of the aforementioned areas? Share your thoughts and experience with e-Signatures in the comments below!


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