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KeepSolid Sign Web Version Beta Announcement

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What is your web browser capable of? For most of us, it’s gradually becoming more and more indispensable as a working tool, just like smartphones did a decade ago. In addition to the basic feature of accessing online content, we use browsers to communicate, learn news, study and analyze data, gather information, protect ourselves, and so much more. It would only seem natural to add yet another handy feature – signing documents electronically – to this web assistant, wouldn’t it?

KeepSolid Sign is currently conducting a beta test of its newest update, and you are officially invited! Click To Tweet

You’ve been requesting this for so long, and finally we deliver! Though KeepSolid Sign web application has been available since the day one, up until recently there was only a handful of features present in it compared to the desktop versions. This unfair situation is about to change for the better. In the newest update, KeepSolid Sign allows users to send documents to signees and observers right in their browsers, with all the app’s electronic signature features available. But there’s more. We’re currently conducting a beta test of this update, and you are officially invited!

Become beta tester of KeepSolid Sign Web Version now!

What electronic signature features are now available in KeepSolid Sign app for browsers?

We made sure to include the most-requested features from desktop versions in this update. Now you can:

  • upload your documents, sign them and send for signing
  • annotate documents – add fields for signature, initials, or dates, and save the documents as templates for future use
  • synchronize files and created templates between all your devices
  • create and edit your signature using our handy electronic signature editor
  • receive document status updates and notifications
  • invite your colleagues and partners, and collaborate with ease

How to become a beta tester for KeepSolid Sign web version update?

If you would like to help us hone our brainchild by becoming a beta tester, it’s really simple. Just register for beta using your KeepSolid ID and become the first to benefit from the updated browser experience. You will have access to all the new features, as long as your KeepSolid Sign subscription is active, of course. But we must warn you right away, the beta version of the app might (and probably will) turn out a bit buggy. We hope you will go easy on us ?

Also, we can’t stress enough how much your feedback helps us improve our service and better understand your needs. So don’t hesitate to share it with us! This can be done via the Support tab within the KeepSolid Sign app.

Customer support menu in KeepSolid Sign app

Or, you could join our new beta testers forum for a more direct communication with us, KeepSolid Sign team, as well as other fellow users. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

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