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Finally, it is high time to share with you the results of our persisting work and extensive tests. The closed beta of KeepSolid Sign, our new productivity tool, is now coming to an end. So, it’s only a matter of weeks before a public beta.

More than 100 companies from various business fields all over the world have already received an exclusive access to the product and implemented it in their business processes. The feedback on the experience was strongly positive, which proved an interest in the app and showed very promising results. Look at these figures which confirms our words:

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You have always supported us all over the way and we really hope you will like this product too. We can’t wait anymore and today we are going to share with you what we have already achieved.

Why you should try KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign is an advanced signing solution which allows you to close important deals more quickly and in a secure way. Now you can forget about wasting hours before you strike hands with partners. No more fragile paper documents, scanning and faxing it. Instead, legally sign any document, create agreements using smart templates, and track the status of your deals from any location. This is extremely important in today’s always-on and multi-device environment where people require a remote access to their files.

KeepSolid Sign is a great tool for both business and personal needs. Wanna know why? Please, refer to some features our app offers you. Did we say features? We meant superpowers. The below diagram shows that our users agree with us, as the majority chose 5 out of 5.

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One app is available on different platforms

We try to create a flawless experience for our customers that’s why KeepSolid developers offer you a cutting-edge app for such platforms as macOS, iOS, and Android. Moreover, we take care of Windows users as well. That means that KeepSolid Sign will be available for them as early as September.

Easy to use

The users are raving about clear and intuitive user interface of our app. This makes them more productive and their work more efficient. In particular, users point up an opportunity to instantly perform their work with documents, as they don’t need to waste time studying how the app works.

Offline mode

We try to provide users, as much as possible, with the same stable work whatever the network conditions are. With KeepSolid Sign, you can smoothly continue your business even when the connection to the internet is spotty. Furthermore, if you value your time, continue to work with agreements and contracts even in the offline mode. They will be automatically sent out to your partners after the connection is back.

We want the name KeepSolid Sign to be synonymous with versatility. That is why we have even more features to customize your needs.

Do not miss your chance

The official open beta of KeepSolid Sign will be available in September. Sign up today and be the first to learn about the exact day of public beta. Yet, there is more to come! Meet the following conditions and claim these bonuses just by spreading a word:

  • Share your link to get 1 month of free access to our paid functionality and its unlimited usage while the app is out of beta.
  • Get 3 friends or colleagues signed up via your unique link and unlock 3 months of free access to paid functionality once we are out of beta.

Make the signing process quicker, easier, and more effective with KeepSolid Sign.

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