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When it comes to taking photos there is always one universal question, “why do we take photos?”. Seemingly loaded question, it has its answers, but they are different every time. If any of us would recall a moment when we got our first cameras and we didn’t intend to let go it for months. A camera is a sort of a diary that is able to capture everything from new lovely haircut, bare feet on the grass, new cool tennis racquet, or your favorite pet sitting in its usual spot. Most of us take pictures because we love doing it. Good or “superior” quality cameras on our smart phones make the job even easier. As soon as the camera is full, grab Photo Transfer WiFi or Sync Photos To Storage app and upload your favorite new photos fast. Some expert psychologists say that it is a good habit to take a photo a day. Here is the major reasons why you should get back to taking photos today!


Convey your story

Admitting the fact that time passes by quickly before our eyes is tough. Criteria what makes a photograph meaningful or successful is very subjective. But whatever photos you do, it makes you feel something. Conveying your feelings in a photo story is a true challenge, yet it is rewarding. Life is all about the moments and you can teach yourself to capture them! While some people will admire the fact that every wave crashing on a beach is different or the kids will never be the same beautiful and cheerful as today, the light will never touch a person’s face like that again, there is more to photos than trying to capture life’s precious moments. These moments can move you forever. If you pay close attention to what’s around you, you will see that beauty and art are everywhere.


Tell a Story

Remember, images have the power to transport you back in time and to a different place. Learning to express yourself through camera may take up some time, but it is definitely worth it. Where do you start? Photograph your daily routines like your morning cappuccino or how season is changing leaves. Another great opportunity to do a photo story how you went on vacation with your family and friends.O_4

Learn To See

The media is filled with a buzz that people should practice more stillness and really learn to look around and see. Seeing is a skill that needs to be practiced. To start, take your camera and start looking through it. As soon as you get trained enough, the “insightful” moments will be easier to capture. Just do your best to look at everything and get better at this process of “seeing” the world around you in little details.O_5

Capture Memories

Each of us has days that we wish to hold on to and your camera can do a miracle. Finding inner deep sense in daily routines is inspiring, but capturing holidays or special events is even greater. So when you take pictures, it lets you hold on to your memories a bit longer. And it is not about albums anymore, although a digital frame will do a job just fine, but it is remembering how you smiled when you were witnessing the best or deep connecting moments of your life.O_6

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