Secure Your Gmail Account Now! 7 Easy Ways

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As the cybercriminal activities continue to rock the Internet world, it is essential to protect the basic email that you use every day. Aside from carrying the important account login and password information, the unprotected email holds greater dangers than can see the eye. Today, we offer you to learn new ways of protecting your Gmail account and there are several important reasons for that. Let’s list common facts why Gmail gained the huge popularity globally.

Why People Choose Gmail?

  1. Gmail is easy to set up and use.
  2. It is perfect both for personal and business emailing activities.
  3. There is a chance to use different Gmail accounts with various email addresses.
  4. Gmail account is easily accessed from any electronic device. And it offers advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts.
  5. Customizing your account look is easy with a variety of Themes available.
  6. Gmail offers a set of Labels, Filters, Starring Messages, etc.
  7. It offers easy SEARCH within emails which is extremely convenient at times.
  8. Aside from a huge amount of online space, you can use the Achieve option.
  9. Spam filter is strong.
  10. Gmail is 100% Free and Extremely Secure.

1. Use Google’s Verification (2-steps)

In order for your account to not get hacked, use the so-called ‘Holy Grail’ of account security such as 2-step Google Verification. This way, the hacker will never be able to gain access to your Gmail as he lacks the minute-ago generated code.

  1. Get onetime login with a code sent to a secondary device (mobile or ‘Google Authenticator’ app).
  2. Enter the 6-digit unique code to access your Gmail account.

2. Keep your Password to Yourself!

Like it or not, but being cautious about your login and password is essential practice. At the same time, if a believe that Google requires your password, never send to by email, use the following links instead.

  • or and login.

3. Account Recovery Options and Recovery / Alternative E-mail Address

It is essential to keep your current mobile phone number up to date so that you can receive Google security code. The hacker will not be able to get through the Gmail protection unless he owns your smartphone number. Initially, the code is used to protect unique customer’s identity.

Also, make sure to keep your secondary recovery email address up to date.

4. Use Secure Internet Connection ONLY!

If you want to sustain 100% of your online privacy, then your Gmail should always get to be used through a secure connection. Pay attention to using the HTTPS sites. But the best of all, it is to use a secure VPN service as it will protect and encrypt all of your online activity especially with wireless connection.

5. Strong Login & Password

Put a stop to the loveliest passwords like ‘Puppylover1’, ‘darlingMama’ or ‘carFriend1979’. In order to make your login and password more strong use exclusive simples like *, #, $, etc. The longer password and the more senseless and nonsensical it is, the better.

6. Try Incognito Mode!

The so-called ‘incognito’ or ‘private’ mode is browser option. These modes turn off cookies, web history and log in and other data. If the browser mode is not available, perform simple LOG OUT.

7. Hold The Spam Closed!

It you haven’t heard yet Gmail offers a profound spam/phish filtering job. It means that you should be responsible enough to ignore the spam emails without having a strong urge to open it. Actually, leaving behind the phishy spam might save you a great of time and make sure to ignore such malicious e-mail headliners such as

  • Your money is waiting…
  • Claim your reward now…
  • Urgent! Get back to me…

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