What Happens when Security Professionals Gather to Create an eSignature Solution? You Get a Fully Armored App!

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When working with official documents and contracts, their security should probably be one of your key concerns. Rightfully so! After all, you wouldn’t like your confidential information or corporate credentials falling into the wrong hands. This is especially true when working with eSignature services, considering how easy it can be for hackers to catch an unsuspecting user off guard.

What Happens when Security Professionals Gather to Create an eSignature Solution? You Get a Fully Armored App! - KeepSolid BlogThat’s why our latest product, KeepSolid Sign, was developed with due regard to your safety and privacy. Read on to learn more about the security measures that we use to ensure our users’ peace of mind.

Playing host

KeepSolid has quite a history of dealing with security matters. To say the least, one of our most successful products is VPN Unlimited – a service renowned for its powerful encryption protocols, online protection features, and overall reliability. Over 7 million users of the app trust their privacy and personal data to us!

So, naturally, we have applied our vast knowledge and experience to the development of KeepSolid Sign. Among our main security-related goals were:

  • Breach and leakage resistance
  • Protection in a hostile communication environment
  • Simplicity of data usage and sharing
  • Keeping performance speeds high

How we fared

Solving the aforementioned tasks, we have incorporated 4 key security features into KeepSolid Sign. First of all, we used a peer-to-peer information distribution architecture. As a result, all the data stored and transmitted within our app is encrypted with strong protocols, and can only be decrypted by an authorized addressee’s device. Thus, no third party will be able to interpret your files even if they somehow fall into the wrong hands.

Which, by the way, is quite unlikely, to say the least. How are we so certain? Why, because of the data distribution technique we use! You see, we never store all of the encrypted user data in one place. It is sliced up and distributed over several of our servers. This, effectively, means that in order to lay hold on user’s encrypted data, an adversary would have to breach all of our servers at once.

Okay, you might argue, “Users’ data is safe while on your servers, but what if gets intercepted during transmission?” Good point, we’ve foreseen this too. When KeepSolid Sign sends your data to another user, it is encrypted by a special AES encryption key. And then – wait for it – the key itself also gets encrypted, this time with an RSA protocol. Call us paranoid, but we believe there’s no such thing as overexerting when our clients’ security is at stake.

As a little cherry on this cake, the channels that the data is transmitted through are https-secured, and the servers are validated by us. Therefore, no man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks for you!

Bottom Line

All these measures mean that you can feel completely safe entrusting your documents and personal information to KeepSolid Sign. PGP-based encryption protocols that we use provide military-grade protection for your data. You will be in full control of who to share it with. Even if you have to use public WiFi networks, we will keep your information intact.

Don’t miss your chance to benefit from the unmatched security that our service provides. Although KeepSolid Sign is currently in a public beta test stage, it’s already fully functional. So download it now and check all of its awesome features while it’s completely FREE!

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