How to send photos to Dropbox using mobile Internet if you don’t have WiFi?

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Typical Work Experience Examples

In this article, we have decided to include the real-time example how an individual can benefit from using the app with the lack of WiFi connection. Imagine, you are a real estate agent that is presently on location of a new house that is about to be sold through his real-estate firm. An agent is far away from any possible WiFi hotspots, but he has his iPhone with him. At the same time, the office is awaiting the photos of the new house in order to post them immediately online and start selling it. Here are the actions you need to take with Sync Photos To Storage in case of WiFi connection absence.

From Your iPhone Sync Photos to Dropbox

  1. Use your iPhone connected to mobile Internet.
  2. Open Sync Photos on your iPhone, on the top bar swipe to Dropbox.
  3. Press Put to storage button, and all new photos will be synced to Dropbox.

Dropbox Basic Beneficial Features

  • Basic File Syncing. Dropbox has basic feature of file synchronization, regarded as its main function. The software allows up to 2GB of free space. As soon as new files are detected, they are automatically being synced to the selected computers. The app allows to work with files offline and they will be synced as soon as Internet connection is reestablished.
  • File Sharing Feature. User creates file-sharing folders. As soon as new information or file changes are made, they are synchronized for all users who share access to the folders. User who owns the Dropbox sharing file can restrict access at any time.
  • Online Backup. Main feature of the software is the automatic online backup. Software allows to use undelete options and restore older file versions.
  • Security. Tight security features and encrypted files for employees as hacking prevention.
  • Mobile Devices Access. iPad/iPhone users benefit from remote mobile access to Dropbox, using username and password. Aside from having access to computer files on Dropbox, the app will sync info from iDevices and mobiles.

As soon as the syncing process is finished, the users who share access to your Dropbox will be able to download your photos. In our real-time case review, the realtor syncs photos to the cloud and other employees get instant access to the latest photos, posting them online. The job is done!

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