First Impression Matters: How to Build Trusting Relationships with Customers and Partners

First Impression Matters: How to Build Trusting Relationships with Customers and Partners

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Updated on Jan. 10, 2020

In the Internet Age, along with the technology development, remote workers become more and more popular. It’s not surprising, seeing how you may access corporate material from almost any part of the world. In the context of this article, by remote job we mean situations when your employees work abroad. The reasons for applying such work scheme may vary: it could be frequent business trips, office maintenance price avoidance, or just lower labor costs.

However, this convenience and economy may cost you the trust and credibility of your customers and partners. This is due to the threat to mess up with first impressions, which should normally help you lay the groundwork for long-run and steady partnership relations. Although first impressions are half the battle, you shouldn’t miss such factors as geolocation and IP address of your workers. Let’s figure out why it is important and how to utilize these tools in different kinds of business communication channels.

Potential customers

The number one pain of sales managers and business developers are the aforementioned frequent business trips. It comes with the job, but sometimes adversely affects selling process anyway. Frequent change of your IP address can cause certain difficulties. How do you think, whose offer would a picky American customer rather respond: sent from a Middle-East IP or an American IP? The answer is on the surface – people mostly tend to trust something familiar, like fellow citizens.

Moreover, while staying in, say, Europe, you don’t see how your geo-targeted tools and ads look like for your American customers. So you won’t be able to see any mistakes or bugs. Make sure you are in the same virtual location as your clients and the first impression won’t be spoiled.

Regular customers

Even if you get on with customers like a house on fire and they became your regular clients, you have to work to maintain this relationship. Just ponder for a moment: doesn’t it look suspicious when your office is known to be located in America, but your staff communicates with clients or partners from India one day, from Austria another day, and so on? A number of questions is immediately raised, and how can there be any trust after that?

Since stability inspires trust, you have to let your clients know they are in good hands with you. That’s why your customer success team should always communicate with regular clients from the one and only IP address.


Working with partners is more about money, but it’s also about the first impression. Do you know about price discrimination? This is a pricing strategy when a company charges different fees for identical items, depending on the location of a client. You can apply this to cash relations with your partners. Just imagine how profitable it can be for your business to get invoices according to the physical location of your company, not that of your remote workers who are located in places with higher costs. As a result, having an official corporate IP address will provide you with more appealing offers and stronger relations with your partners as well as with regular customers.



The issues that we’ve mentioned earlier in the article serve as bad foundation stones for a successful company and must be solved. In order to continue working with remote staff and have strong relationships with customers and partners, you should use a supreme privacy and accessibility solution, like VPN Unlimited Team.

It’s your own modern corporate virtual private network, which allows you to collaborate with your staff from any country in a safe and effective manner. Thanks to the intuitive management portal and control panel you can easily administer your teams, such as deciding which servers are used by your team members. Also, your employees will always get the best bandwidth and the fastest connection possible due to the vast number of servers that we offer.

As a final flourish, your corporate data will be reliably protected by VPN Unlimited Team’s high-quality encryption protocols. In addition, having remote workers operate through your corporate VPN is often cheaper than maintaining offices with all the relevant expenses. Now real IP addresses won’t be an obstacle on your way to build perfect business relationship.

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