Why Visualization is a Must for an Effective Planning

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Why Visualization Is A Must For An Effective Planning - KeepSOlid BlogStrategic planning is an area that particularly requires every bit of information to be successfully presented to all stakeholders. A strategy plan has to be supported at all levels of a business to succeed, and for that to happen it has to be clear and understandable. We are going to teach you how to achieve that!

When trying to convey an important information, it’s crucial to make sure that people will be able to apprehend it. That’s why you have to consider the differences in individuals’ perception and memorization. This is also called learning styles and it’s a theory that divides people into three groups by their preferable way of absorbing information. The types are as follows: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. In this piece, we will focus primarily on visual learners.

Importance of visualization for presentations

We’ve decided to mainly address visual means of presentation for two reasons. First, they’re the most representative. Second, visual learners make up over 60% of all people, thus over a half of your audience will most probably consist of them. From the name of this group you might have already guessed what type of information they prefer. That’s right, they want everything to be as graphical and visual as possible.

Obviously, presentation is the best way to convey large amounts of data to them. Or rather, in the case of strategic planning, a roadmap is. However, it’s not just any kind of presentation that will do the job – there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind.

First of all, you have to realize that visual learners will understand and remember everything exactly how it was shown to them. This basically means that you can’t cut corners while preparing a visual map. Take your time to show every aspect of your vision that you want them to grasp and make it as demonstrative as possible. If you leave any important bits of information to vocal explanation, visual learners will no doubts forget them. People should see what they are expected to know. Overviews, summaries, graphics, video – whatever works for conveying your strategy plan.

Also, don’t forget that handouts are the best way to help people recall what was covered during a meeting. Either print your roadmap and give everyone a copy or, even better, share it with them online so that they could turn to it if needed.

Visualization of a strategy plan with Roadmap Planner

Visual learners are a great benefit for your company. They thrive on seeing the “big picture” of both complex and simple systems. That’s why it won’t take you much time to explain them your idea or a plan as long as everything is covered visually. And Roadmap Planner is perfect for achieving that. It allows for visualization of any scale you need – from an overall view of a whole business to specific tasks of specific divisions. Thus, you will have no problems showcasing information of any scope to your stakeholders. And it also allows for sharing roadmaps with other people online or easily printing them to hand out.

Try the Roadmap Planner free 21-day trial yourself and see how it boosts your team’s performance and understanding of key goals!

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