The joys of paperless office

What Benefits does a Paperless Office Bring?

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You’ve probably heard about paperfree office, but still have some questions. Allow KeepSolid Sign team to answer all the whats and whys in today’s piece.  Does the paperless office mean a complete rejection of the paper? A paperless office is a concept in which companies strive to eliminate paper usage. That’s why being paperfree doesn’t mean you are required to give up paper use completely. Of course, if you can do it - good for you. But a totally paperless office is not a stringent rule :)

How popular is the paperless office concept? According to statistics, only 3% of companies are completely paperless. 17% of organizations are actively trying to eliminate paper in every process. And 33% are on their way to become paperfree. Also, more than 35% of large companies are already reducing the amount of paper in their office. Yes, the figures are not too impressive, but the popularity of paperfree office concept is increasing rapidly year over year.

So, what are the benefits of a paperless office? Being paperfree increases the effectiveness of your business: electronic signature speeds up your sales process, documents can be found in a few clicks, and it saves your office space. It saves you money as well. No need for printers, paper, xerox, toners, inks, or services for appropriate equipment when everything you need is your device and a tiny app. It makes your company eco-friendly :)Okay, I’m sold. How do I make my office paperless and increase productivity of my business? Start using cloud storages and scan all your documents to digitize them. Try apps which serve as alternatives to ordinary paper use (electronic signature, online notes, etc.) Ask your partners for digital versions of contracts and request paperless statements from banks. Recycle all the paper that you obviously no longer need.There’s so many tools to choose from. How to select the proper one? Seeing as how over half of paperfree offices use electronic signatures, let’s take it as an example. Your eSigniture solution has to be feature-rich and intuitive in use. It should be able to open your documents from anywhere if necessary and use highly secure encryptions in order to protect your business data. The ability to create templates, track document status, add observers or signers, and use it in the offline mode will be a huge advantage for an electronic signature service, too.

And is there a tool which includes all of these features? Yes :) We offer you KeepSolid Sign, a top-notch eSignature application to improve your workflow and make your transition to paperless office swift and cozy.

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