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Keepsolid Career

At KeepSolid, our main goal is to improve company efficiency, while improving employee performance with all of our employees.

While developing modern products, we simplify complex tasks by offering simple solutions compatible for various devices that are available worldwide.

Our team of experts realize that software is just a tool that helps achieve results. We understand there is a human element with development, which is why we combine information technology, case analysis, and solve problems for our users in a timely and professional manner.


Required qualifications:
  • 3+ years of C# development
  • Deep skills of WPF
  • Experience with Ribbon library
  • Experience with Boost library
  • Experience in C++ development
  • Thorough understanding of Windows applications specifics (the application lifecycle, the file system, and access to shared resources)
  • Understanding of the client-server architecture
  • Understanding of multi-threaded applications
  • Expertise is SQLite and database design
  • VCS (Git)
Desired additional qualifications:
  • Experience working with graphics libraries, such as protobuf, libcurl, and Asio
  • Experience with Windows Forms
Essential functions:
  • Writing code, refactoring
  • Evaluation of labour-intensity of projects and individual tasks
What we offer:
  • Competitive salary, paid vacation, and social benefits
  • Lack of bureaucracy
  • Personal gadgets with huge discount
  • Professional massage therapist services
  • A children's room with a teacher
  • Included English lessons with a native speaker to help you grow as a communicator
  • Personal development and professional growth
  • Regular knowledge sharing meet-ups and events
  • Work in a friendly, truly inclusive team with a family-like feel
  • Cozy, comfortable and well-equipped office
  • Team building activities (movie nights, trips, parties, and more)
  • Diner compensation, etc.