Synchronize Your Plans, Tasks, and Events with Other Family Members

Even in a relatively small family, coordinating your schedules and plans can prove to be quite a task. Obviously, the bigger the family, the more daunting this task becomes. What to do when even getting everyone together for a family meeting turns into a tough call? Fammle’s Data Synchronization feature is here with the safe!

Data Synchronization feature syncs the following information between all members of your family in Fammle:

Keep Everyone on the Same Page with Data Synchronization

Share your plans and schedule with your family for everyone’s convenience.

How to Synchronize Data with Your Family in Fammle
  1. Your data only syncs with your family members, so invite everyone you wish via the My Family menu.
  2. Now, you have to create the content that will be synchronized. Add or import birthdays, create shopping lists, assign tasks, etc.
  3. The next time your device connects to the internet, all the data will be synchronized between your family members’ devices.
Sharing is Caring, so Start Sharing Your Plans with Your Family Today!

Fammle is a free family organizer, so you’ve got no excuse to not make your family’s life so much easier by using it!