What is the Best Password Manager

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In short, a password manager is a tool that alleviates the stress of keeping track of tons of passwords and helps to protect you from hackers.

Almost every service you use requires creating an account and coming up with a password. As a result, you end up having dozens and dozens of passwords. Passwords that are hopefully strong, include different characters, and don’t repeat across different websites. 

Remembering them all is nearly impossible. Fortunately, there is a reliable tool that saves the day – the password manager. Why do you need a password manager? How to choose one? What is the best password manager? Passwarden® team has prepared all the answers below. Check them out! 

Why Do You Need a Password Manager

See below some of the core benefits you get using a good password manager. 

No need to remember numerous passwords

Healthy password hygiene requires that you create a strong password of at least 8 characters long, containing upper and lower case letters, as well as symbols for each of your accounts. Can human memory keep up with dozens of these? Hardly so! 

Some security unaware netizens follow the path of least resistance and use the simplest possible passwords like “123456789”, “qwerty”, “password”, etc. Others create one complex password and use it for all accounts. In both cases, it’s a likely way to become a victim of cybercriminals.  

The best password manager, like Passwarden, relieves the pain of remembering all your numerous passwords. It does this job for you. You just add your login info to Passwarden’s secure vault once and let the app autofill your data when required. 

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Enhanced security of your accounts 

As already mentioned, a password manager helps you practice healthy password hygiene. And given the number of data breaches and identity thefts happening these days, that is of crucial importance. If, say, a particular website gets hacked, your stolen password can’t be used to access other accounts if it’s unique. 

Besides, all the data you add to a password manager is stored in an encrypted digital vault. This allows the best password manager apps to keep your data protected, which is of primary importance when it comes to your sensitive info.  

Generating strong passwords in one click

In addition to storing your data, the best password managers also offer the password generator feature. So, when creating a new account, you don’t have to drain your brains out to come up with a unique and strong password for each website. The password manager generates it in just one click and adds it to your vault for further usage. 

How to Choose the Best Password Manager

Here’s what to consider when choosing the best password manager:

1. Strong end-to-end encryption 

First and foremost, the best password manager is a secure password manager. Advanced cryptographic algorithms, such as SHA-256 and AES-256, are a must. 

Besides, the encryption must be client-side, which means all encryption algorithms run on your device. As a result, even the password manager provider can see none of the data in your vaults. Moreover, even if the provider is hacked or gets a government subpoena, it has no way to decrypt your passwords and other data on the password manager’s servers.

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2. Two-factor authentication

The best app for managing passwords should also feature two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA provides extra protection for a password manager account. With it, besides the master password that unlocks your account, you need to enter a one-time code that you receive by email or via an authenticator app.

3. Multiplatform support

The best password manager should allow you to save and sync your data across multiple devices, regardless of whether they have the same OS or of different makes. So, when making a choice, ensure that the password manager is compatible with the devices you use. 

What Makes Passwarden the Best Password Manager App 

Passwarden by KeepSolid meets all the requirements of the best password management software and offers many more benefits.

  • Passwarden applies super-strong encryption protocols AES-256 and ЕС Ń€-384, that make your data indecipherable. You can find out more about these encryption algorithms on this page
  • It features an intuitive interface, which makes the process of managing passwords and other data very easy and fast. Thanks to the ease of use, getting started with our best password manager is a breeze even for a newbie.
  • Passwarden is a cross-platform app, so you can get access to your passwords on whatever device you have. It supports iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, as well as offers browser extensions, and the web app. 

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  • Our password management software lets you add not only passwords, but also numerous other types of data as well, like bank accounts, credit cards, SSN, ID card, software license, and much more. So, you can store all your sensitive information in one secure place, within easy reach from any device. 
  • With Passwarden, you can easily import data from other password managers and browsers, including LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. Find more about data migration here
  • Our password manager offers the secure sharing feature. All your data remains encrypted in the process, so you can share account passwords, secure notes, personal info, payment data, WiFi passwords, and more without any worries.  
  • There is a special disguise feature called the Duress mode. Imagine that you’re forced to show the contents of your password manager to somebody. Such a situation may occur if you’re crossing the borders of some countries, for example, China. For such cases, Passwarden offers a lifesaver feature – the Duress mode. It hides your vaults and private data, showing only the vault you previously created or designated for the Duress mode. 

Bottom Line on Using the Best Password Manager

Protect your digital life, ditch sticky notes, adopt healthy password practices, and enjoy the peace of mind! The best password manager Passwarden by KeepSolid promises both security and convenience. Download Passwarden and secure your digital life today! 

December 16, 2020