Duress Mode

Duress mode allows you to hide Passwarden Vaults that hold your more private and sensitive information. This will protect your passwords and data even if you ever have to open Passwarden under duress.

What is Duress mode

Duress mode allows users to create a dedicated Duress password. After that, you select which of your Vaults you wish to be seen when in Duress mode. When you enter your Passwarden account with a Duress password instead of your normal Master password, instead of showing all your Vaults, Passwarden will hide the most important, personal, and sensitive information and passwords. 


This makes Duress mode perfect if you are forced to provide access to your Passwarden profile, but still would like to keep your personal information private. Without revealing this, Duress mode will show the people around you only what you want them to see.

Why you need Duress mode

Duress mode is a neat helpful feature that can be a real lifesaver in certain situations. For instance, depending on your country, all sorts of officials can demand you to surrender your passwords or to provide them access to your apps and profiles. As you can imagine, providing a third party access to a service like Passwarden, what with all your confidential info stored inside, might not be the most exciting idea.


Who can demand that you disclose your passwords to them? Again, it depends on your country of residence. Sometimes, only law enforcement has such rights, e.g. police or border patrol agents (a magistrate’s order may also be required first). In other states, a judge or prosecutor can demand access to your accounts.

How to set up Duress mode

  1. Download Passwarden and sign in
  2. Click Settings from the main menu to the left
  3. Click the Security tab
  4. Click the Set Up Duress Password button
  5. Enter a new Duress password
  6. Select the Vaults that you want to be visible in Duress mode
  7. From now on, you can log in to your Passwarden account using either your normal Master password (all Vaults will be visible) or your Duress password (only the selected Vaults will be visible) 

Passwarden - supported platforms

Get Passwarden with Duress mode for free!

Passwarden is free to use with some minor limitations, so check it out. And if you’d like to further expand its capabilities, you may want to select one of our subscription options!