How to change email password on iPhone

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How to update email passwords on your iOS device

Note: Firstly, you need to change your email service password either in the email app or on the website.

1. Open Settings and go to the Passwords & Accounts tab.

2. Tap Website & App Passwords.

3. Select the email address you want to update and tap the Edit button.

4. Go to the Password field and replace your current password with a new one. 

5. Tap Done.

Great! Now open the Mail app on your iPhone to make sure your password is successfully updated.

How to update email passwords in the Passwarden app

Note: You need to change your email service password either in the email app or on the website as well.

1. Sign in to the Passwarden app using your Master password.

2. Select the email account item you want to update.

3. Tap Edit in the bottom right corner.

4. Update your email password in the Password field.

To make sure your new password is a strong one, we highly recommend you randomize it. To do that, tap Generate Password next to the Password field and follow these instructions.

5. After you finish, tap the Save button.

That’s it, your email password is successfully updated. From now on, Passwarden will automatically autofill (if the Autofill option is enabled) the updated password instead of your previous one.

How to change a Gmail password


1. Sign in to your Google Account -

2. Open the Security tab and navigate to the Signing in to Google section.

3. Select the Password field and verify it’s you by signing in again.

4. Enter your new password, confirm it, and tap Change password.

That’s it! Please note that once you’ve changed your Gmail password, you'll be signed out of all running sessions, except for the following devices:

  • The device you’re on now
  • Trusted devices used for verification
  • Smart home devices

How to change the password for Outlook


1. Navigate to the Outlook Security page -

2. Select Password security > Change my password. As a security measure, you might be prompted to verify your identity with a security code sent to your email or phone.

3. Enter your current password, set up a new password, and then tap Save.

Great, your password for Outlook is successfully changed and automatically updated on the device you’re on now.

How to change the password on Yahoo mail


1. Sign in to the Yahoo Account security page -

2. Tap Change password.

3. Enter your new password and tap Continue.

Great! You've successfully created a new password.

Hope this guide helps you. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact our customer support team via [email protected].

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