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How to Remember Dozens of Strong Passwords

Are you one of the many people who unwisely store passwords on a USB flash drive, in a file on your computer, write passwords down in a notebook or, even worse, on a piece of paper, which may be left somewhere unattended? In case your answer is positive, don’t be surprised if your account gets compromised. A USB flash drive or a notebook can be easily lost or stolen, and a file on a computer can leak passwords if your device is hacked. 


If you’ve memorized a good password, but reuse it for multiple services, there’s also  high risk of getting compromised. Why? It’s like using one key to unlock every door. In case this key is stolen, every door gets vulnerable. Same goes for passwords: if hackers get a password to one of the services you use, it’s a no-brainer for them to access your social media or even banking accounts and steal your valuable data.  


The golden cyber security rule is: use strong and unique passwords. But how many accounts do you have? Email, banking, social media accounts, streaming services, the list is endless. Memorizing complex and unique passwords for all the accounts is difficult, if not entirely impossible. Gladly, there’s an easy solution for you – a secure password manager like Passwarden. It will remember everything for you and keep your data safe from any prying eyes. 

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Never forget a single password again

With Passwarden, you no longer need to remember dozens of passwords. Just add them to your secure Vault and access whenever you need, from any device.

Ditch the sticky notes and keep your data secure

Don’t trust paper, trust Passwarden! Our password manager app not only stores your data, but also protects it. Thanks to the client-side encryption using AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocol, Passwarden is your first defense against getting hacked. Learn more about Passwarden security here.

Generate strong passwords in seconds

Coming up with a unique uncrackable password may also be a challenge. Leave this task to Passwarden. In just a few seconds, Passwarden provides you a strong password that meets the highest security standards. You can find information on how to generate passwords in Passwarden on this page.

Why are strong and unique passwords important

Every year, billions of login details from different websites are stolen in data breaches. These stolen credentials can then be placed or sold on the dark web. Even if services don’t store your passwords in cleartext, here’s how long it may take to crack passwords:


  • Simple common 6-character password (for example, 123456, mypass) - a few seconds 
  • 6 random characters (including mixed case, numbers, special characters) - 2 minutes
  • 8 random characters - 3 hours
  • 12 random characters - 3 years
  • 14 random characters - more than 100 years using current technologies
  • A stolen password used for several services - less than a second.   

Forget the hassle of remembering numerous passwords

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