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How to Securely Share Passwords with Your Family

Want to share passwords with your family members so they can also use your subscription? Using a single login and password by several family members is quite common for many households. Both you and your spouse may want to log into your bank accounts. Or everyone in the house may wish to access your Netflix account or other subscriptions you have.


Whatever password you want to share, the thing you shouldn’t forget is: share it securely. The most secure way to share passwords is to use a trusted password manager like Passwarden, rather than sending via email, etc. Why? Find it out below!

Explore secure password sharing with Passwarden

Why avoid sending passwords via email

Sharing your passwords by texting or sending via email may be dangerous. Third parties can easily intercept your data, especially if you use a vulnerable service.

An email is often stored on several systems or servers on its way to the recipient. The email will be saved in the senders’ sent folder, the recipient’s email server, and probably any other systems or servers that it passes through. In case any of these systems is compromised, your password may leak to hackers.


Moreover, emails are often sent in the so-called clear or plain text, which means the email content is unencrypted. If hackers intercept your email, it’s a no-brainer for them to extract your passwords from it. 

Why choose Passwarden as your family's password manager

Don’t worry about security 

Due to the top-notch client-side encryption using AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocol, Passwarden reliably protects your passwords and many other sensitive data. Passwarden ensures that your sensitive information remains safe while you share it with your family.

Share any kind of data

Passwarden lets you store not only passwords, but many other important data as well: credit cards, SSN, ID cards, contacts, secure notes, etc. Just create a shared vault and provide access to all the necessary items in one go: 

  • Entertainment accounts
  • Shared credit cards
  • ID cards and other documents 
  • Security system codes 
  • And whatever your family may need to use 

Set different access rights

Our password manager for your family offers Editor, Viewer, and Admin access rights. Don’t want children to change any of your Passwarden items? No problem! Select Viewer option when sharing a vault with your children, and they’ll get read-only access to the vault’s contents. You can learn more about sharing vaults here.

Keep other information personal 

You’ll hardly want to share each and every password with your entire family. Your Personal Passwarden vault will keep all your secrets. Store your private passwords and documents in a separate Personal vault, available to you only, and shared items – in your shared family vault. All under a single subscription!

How to share passwords securely with Passwarden

  • Create a vault and add items you want to share
  • Choose access rights and send invites to your family members
  • Wait till they accept invitations and get access to the vault

Ready to try the best password manager for your family?

Sharing is caring. Securely sharing is Passwarden. Try it now and provide everyone in your family with secure and convenient access to whatever data they need.