What Is Kyocera and Its Security

Kyocera is a Japanese electronics manufacturer that manufactures solar power systems, electronic components, telecommunication equipment, and so on. Its main domain of specialization is electronics. We are all aware that all sorts of electronic devices require strong credentials to protect our data. Kyocera devices are no different.


Kyocera default username and password are usually used to facilitate the device setup process. The default username of Kyocera is the first two numbers of the model followed by 00. The default password of Kyocera is the same as the username. However, it is important to note that the default passwords and usernames are meant to be changed. They are very weak and easy to crack, which puts your data at risk. Kyocera's default username and password must be changed immediately after the initial setup.

What are Default Passwords

When anyone buys a new device, an initial setup is required in order to access it and use it. For that reason, a default username and password are used to facilitate the setup process. Default usernames or passwords are simple and easy to guess and remember. Some examples of default usernames are username, user, or guest. A default password can be guest, password, or admin. They can be found either on the box the new device was in or somewhere on the device itself.

However, default usernames and passwords should never be used as the main credentials of the device. Their simplicity exposes the device to all sorts of cyber threats which jeopardizes the data and personal information stored in the device. By not changing them in the configuration step, hackers, third parties, and unauthorized users will have direct access to your device and all the data in it. For that reason, people must always make sure to change the default username and password of the new device.

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Password Security

A password is one of the main thing keeping your data and accounts safe and protected from cybercriminals. However, not just any simple password will do the trick. In order to stay safe, a strong password is a must. In fact, the stronger the password, the safer you are. In order to come up with strong passwords, you will have to make sure you resort to complex combinations by adding numbers, characters, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Another password security tip is to know where to store them to keep them secure.


Password manager applications such as Passwarden are great to store your passwords and keep them. Passwarden is a safe and reliable password manager application in which you can store all your passwords, credit card data, and other personal information. Passwarden offers top-notch security features and data encryption that will guarantee the protection of everything that is stored in its vaults. Our app offers 2FA, military-grade encryption, Duress mode, VPN in the scope of MonoDefense bundle, etc. Therefore, Passwarden is the best option to protect your accounts from hackers and unauthorized third parties.


How to store passwords on Passwarden

Using Passwarden is really easy and storing your passwords there is even easier. Here is how you can do it:


  1. Open the application and sign in using your Master Password.
  2. Create a new Vault.
  3. Add your passwords and data to the new Vault. You can also use the Migration feature to import them from browsers and other apps.
  4. Your Vault can either be a Private Vault or a Shared Vault. Shared Vaults are designed specifically for a secure way to share data between family members, friends, or organizations.

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