What Is Motorola Routers and Their Default Passwords?

Most Motorola routers use a default username: Admin, a default password: Motorola, and the default IP address of These Motorola credentials are needed when doing a login to the Motorola router's web interface to change any settings. This information is available in the public domain and can therefore be accessed by anyone, including those who want to use it to steal your internet traffic. 


In this article, we explain the risks associated with using Motorola router default password, and how you can create very secure passwords and safely store them using a single security tool.


Motorola has been in the telecommunications industry for 93 years, and It’s no surprise that it is considered a pioneer in this space. This American-founded brand today has a footprint in over 100 countries, supplying its end-to-end systems many people around the world depend on for accessing information and communication via broadband wireless modem systems.


Motorola pre-configured username and password values are commonly used in most of their range of modems, which presents a potential risk of users’ traffic being intercepted by cybercriminals. A modem is a device responsible for transmitting internet traffic, this is data that includes critical user personal information that should remain confidential to the user. However, if a hacker could figure out your modem’s login details, that data could cease to be confidential.

What Is Default Password and Its Risks?

Default passwords are passwords that are used for installing, and/or configuring your device at the initial start-up and are intended to provide preliminary login credentials. It is common for routers/modems, and embedded systems, to be protected using stand-in passwords. Motorola router default password should be changed to unique and secure values to ensure the security of your device and whatever data is transmitted using it.


  • Motorola modem default passwords can be easily obtained. All Motorola modems can revert to the default factory-set password. Furthermore, Motorola publishes default passwords in their documentation and online.
  • Motorola router default password is easy to crack. A good guess could make anyone crack your Motorola router default password. They are all similar, and no special skills are required to figure them out.
  • Users fail to change Motorola modem default passwords. Attackers always try first the default credentials because they know that users are usually reluctant to change the default values on their modem or any other system, believing that no one will try to gain unauthorized entry.

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Why do you need a Password Manager?

A password manager keeps a record of all your passwords and are securely stored and locked in a Vault, that can be accessed only by a master key. This master key is only known by you, not even your password manager service provider can access it. Passwarden password manager is a security tool with many great features, one of which being an easy-to-use strong password generator that helps you generate strong, unique and complex passwords. Another great feature is the Autofill feature, which enables Passwarden to automatically fill in your password values for you without ever compromising the security of your online accounts.


Passwarden is known and trusted to deliver impeccable standards for the safety and security of user passwords and login credentials. They employ client-side end-to-end encryption, which ensures that your data leaves your device already encrypted. This way, no one including Passwarden’s developers can access nor read your data on its way to its cloud server. Using Passwarden’s document storage, you can securely store other data besides your passwords, such as your Social security number, driver’s license, passport and your ID.


Passwarden reinforces security measures with the ability to use Two-Factor Authentication alongside it. This added security measure allows for a one-time pin to be sent to your email address whenever there are attempts to access your Passwarden account.

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