Share Passwords Securely with Passwarden Shared Vaults

Passwarden makes it extremely easy to share your info with others in the most secure manner possible. Share WiFi passwords, account passwords, credentials, personal information, payment data, etc.

What is a Vault in Passwarden

A Vault is basically a storage place for all your passwords and other data. You can save all sorts of information to Passwarden Vaults, including:

Login, Software License, Email Account, Social Account, WiFi Password
Personal info
ID cards, Passport, Driver’s License, Contacts, Social Security Number
Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Account, etc.

Vaults and various platforms

Passwarden is a multi-platform application, meaning that all the Vaults you’ve created and all the information within them will be available to you wherever and whenever you need it. You can use Passwarden and create Vaults on the following platforms:

How to create a shared Vault in Passwarden

  1. Download Passwarden
  2. Launch Passwarden and sign in your account
  3. To create a new Vault, click Add Vault from the main menu to the left
  4. Enter a name for the new Vault and click Save
  5. Click Add new item to start filling your new Vault with stored passwords and other data
  6. In the Users field, enter email addresses of people you want to invite to the shared Vault and click Invite

How to invite new members to a Vault

  1. Launch Passwarden and sign in your account
  2. Select one of your existing Vaults from the main menu to the left and click the pencil sign to edit it
  3. In the Users field, enter email addresses of people you want to invite to the shared Vault and click Invite

Why do you need secure sharing?

Sharing personal data online, such as WiFi passwords or credentials, has become so common most of us don’t even think about it. However, while there are many easy ways to transfer and share data on the internet, such as via messenger apps, emails, cloud services, etc, few of them are actually secure. 

Some existing software platforms offer additional security features, e.g. account password protection. This, however, doesn’t safeguard the folders, file, and texts that you may be sending online. That’s why it’s recommended to use secure apps like Passwarden to not only protect the data within, but for safe sharing as well. After all, you don’t want the WiFi passwords or whatever data you’re sending to get intercepted, compromised, and used against you. 

Secure sharing is important for businesses and individuals alike. You might feel like you’re safe if you’re an ordinary home user (who’s going to go after your data specifically?) However, hack attacks that reveal personal and confidential data are becoming more and more common. And their success depends completely on the safety negligence by common netizens. So using even a simple safety measure such as secure password sharing can mean the difference between your security and a disaster.

Share passwords and other data securely with Passwarden for free

Securely share your WiFi passwords, personal information, account logins and credentials, payment info and so on. Get Passwarden for free, or select a subscription that best suits your needs!