Password Manager with VPN
Passwarden plus VPN Unlimited® = MonoDefense

MonoDefense — Best Combination
 of Password Manager and VPN

MonoDefense is a sophisticated cybersecurity bundle that offers you all-around protection of your network, browsing, and passwords. It combines the best of two worlds: Passwarden’s password and sensitive information security, and VPN Unlimited’s online data and privacy protection. 

Protect your Data and Privacy

With VPN Unlimited, it will be impossible to intercept and steal your data or spy after you on the internet. You will be untraceable online, and your web traffic will get encrypted. Enjoy borderless internet and anonymous communications!

Get Strong and Secured Passwords

Securely store, share, generate, and manage passwords, along with other sensitive information. No need to remember all your various unique passwords — Passwarden will do it for you!

What’s Inside MonoDefense Bundle

MonoDefense offers an advanced combination of password manager and VPN benefits to its users:

Double protection for your data

Both the password manager and the VPN protect your data, albeit from different attack vectors. The former encrypts your sensitive data stored within the app (passwords, logins, IDs, financial information, etc.) The latter encrypts your web traffic, securing the data you send to the internet.

Safety on public WiFi

Free public WiFi networks are often poorly secured and are thus prone to get breached and hacked. Whenever you connect to one, you risk your data getting compromised. However, when using a VPN, no data leaves your device unencrypted, which grants it reliable protection from unauthorized access.

Bypass online censorship

It’s not uncommon for a site or service to be unavailable to you due to online censorship. For instance, a government might ban social media or a news website that they can’t control, or as part of lobbying local services. If you’d like to stay in the loop with the rest of the world, use VPN servers to bypass online censorship.

500+ VPN servers in 80+ locations worldwide

With them, your real location will be concealed and your privacy and anonymity shall never be a concern. 

Unblock web content

Thanks to our VPN servers, you can bypass any geo-restrictions and access blocked services and content with ease. Just connect to a server location where the blocked content is available — and you’ll be able to view it as well!

Why Use Password Manager with VPN

Password manager plus VPN equals total security. This combination covers you and your data on all levels:

While you store and manage your sensitive information on your device, it’s reliably protected by Passwarden. This service uses double-layer encryption to secure your passwords and other info. Then, it syncs your data across cloud storage, where it sits completely protected from any unauthorized access (even our employees can’t view it!)

When you connect to the internet, your device starts sending out all sorts of data — your logins and passwords, your browsing requests, your browser cookies, etc. You don’t want it to be intercepted and exploited by cybercriminals. A reliable way to protect your information is to use a VPN while connected to unreliable networks or when entering sensitive data.

All the security in the world won’t mean a thing if you lose the key. While VPN Unlimited protects your web traffic, and many other solutions can be used for other security purposes, you still need passwords for them all. Passwords that you don’t want to get lost or stolen. Passwords that will be safe and secure within Passwarden!

The Best Way to Use Password Manager with VPN

Store your passwords and sensitive data, including KeepSolid ID, in Passwarden

Turn on VPN Unlimited and connect to a VPN server whenever you need to connect to an unprotected network, enter sensitive information online, or access a geo-blocked site. Password manager plus VPN is an advanced combination that will protect you from cybercrime, phishing, and other threats.

Get Password Manager with VPN

Grab the MonoDefense bundle and enjoy the advanced combination of password data protection by Passwarden plus online security and privacy by VPN Unlimited!