How to Unblock Netflix and Watch Its Best New Shows

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US Netflix offers the biggest media library of movies and TV shows in comparison to other Netflix regions. Every month, a new batch of titles gets added to the library, so you can always entertain yourself with something that suits your taste. 

Though access to American Netflix for its subscribers in other countries is restricted, the SmartDNS solution lets you unblock Netflix outside the US in just a few clicks. How to unblock US content? What is SmartDNS? What are the top TV shows coming up on Netflix? The KeepSolid SmartDNS team has prepared all the answers below. Check them out! 

Unblock Netflix Outside the US

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Top Best New Shows on Netflix 

With the overwhelming monthly lists of new releases on Netflix, it may be quite difficult to figure out which shows to watch. To make the task easier for you, here are some top suggestions. 

  • The Serpent

The Serpent tells a twisting, real-life story of Charles Sobhraj, a thief, merciless murderer, and seductive master of disguise, who preyed on young travelers exploring the "hippie trail" of South Asia. 

Premiere date: April 2, 2021 

  • Shadow and Bone

The series is based on Leigh Bardugo’s worldwide bestselling Grishaverse novels. Shadow and Bone is set in a war-torn world where Alina Starkov, a lowly soldier and orphan, has just unleashed an extraordinary force that could be the key to the country's liberation. With the approaching monstrous threat of Shadow Fold, Alina is ripped away from everything she knows to train as part of the Grisha, an elite force of supernatural warriors. 

Premiere date: April 23, 2021

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  • Worn Stories

Based on a book by Emily Spivack, this eight-episode series showcases a number of storytellers who talk about their relationship with clothes, like favorite clothing, clothes that invoke memories, etc. 

Premiere date: April 1, 2021

Also upcoming on Netflix: 

  • Concrete Cowboy
  • This Is A Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist
  • Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!
  • The Wedding Coach
  • Thunder Force 
  • The Circle, Season 2
  • Headspace Guide To Sleep
  • Yasuke 

But what if these TV shows are blocked in your location? No worries! Read on and find out how to unblock Netflix below. 

Why are Movies and TV Shows on US Netflix Blocked Abroad 

If you've ever tried to log into your Netflix account when traveling abroad to watch your favorite TV shows or movies, you might have discovered that the available content is different from what you're used to or it doesn't work at all.

Why does this happen? This is mostly due to the enforcement of copyrights and royalties, as laws and regulations concerning intellectual property and copying of media content in different countries vary.

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Fortunately, if you want to access US Netflix, but live in another country or you’re traveling, there is a great solution – SmartDNS by KeepSolid. It lets you bypass regional restrictions and unblock Netflix from wherever you are. 

How does SmartDNS Unblock Netflix

Before we dig deeper into what SmartDNS is and how it works, let’s figure out what a DNS server is first. The Domain Name System (DNS) acts as a phone book, translating URLs inserted into your browser into IP addresses. You may not realize it, but computers don’t communicate with letters as we do; instead, they use numbers – IP addresses. When you type the name of a website, your device sends it to a DNS server, which turns it into IP.

Streaming services like Netflix can pinpoint your location in a matter of seconds. If you live outside of the US and want to access American Netflix content, you will be automatically blocked. KeepSolid SmartDNS replaces the DNS address of your device with our server’s DNS, making it seem like you are streaming Netflix from within the US. As a result, you get access to all the best new TV shows on US Netflix!

Top Benefits of SmartDNS to Unblock Netflix Outside the US

You may already know that there are other services, namely VPNs, that also let you get around regional restrictions and stream blocked content. However, using SmartDNS has a major advantages: 

  • Highest speeds to stream movies and shows on Netflix

SmartDNS services are well-known for ensuring the best streaming speeds. Unlike VPN apps, SmartDNS doesn’t encrypt your traffic, so there is no speed loss and you can stream all your favorite content without any lags and delays. 

Netflix Website, an Online Subscription Service for Media Entertainment, unblock US Netflix

  • The best streaming quality

With SmartDNS, you can enjoy movies and TV shows in perfect quality, as if you weren’t using any unblocker tool at all. Just set it up on your device, unblock the Netflix shows you want, and stream them at their highest resolution. 

  • Configurable on any device

SmartDNS can be set up on any internet-capable device. This lets you unblock Netflix and watch the desired content on any Smart TV, media player, etc. 

How to Set Up the Best SmartDNS for Netflix

Getting started with our best SmartDNS for Netflix is as easy as 1-2-3: 

  1. Download Smart DNS on your device. The app supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Alternatively, you can manually configure SmartDNS. The latter option also comes in handy if you want to unblock Netflix on a different platform or, for example, on a Smart TV. Just find the necessary guide on the Manuals page and follow the instructions.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your KeepSolid ID (or create a new one, which you can also do via KeepSolid User Office). SmartDNS provides all new users a free 7-day trial to test the service. It will be automatically added to your account.
  3. Register your IP address within our service. For this, navigate to Settings > Manage my IP. Alternatively, you can do it in your User Office (just click Manage under KeepSolid SmartDNS). 
  4. If you've chosen to manually configure SmartDNS, make sure to replace the DNS address of your device with our servers’ DNS. 
  5. Enable the connection and watch the best new shows on Netflix without restrictions! 

Stream the best new shows on Netflix

Get SmartDNS, unblock US Netflix content, and enjoy the best new shows whenever you want!

March 23, 2021