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Passwarden - Best Password Manager for macOS

macOS 10.14 or later / Apple ID for In-App purchases


  • Only one password to remember
  • Secure storage for any sensitive info
  • Generator of complex & unique passwords
  • Unlimited devices per one account

Wondering how to manage passwords on Mac? You’ve landed in the right place! Passwarden by KeepSolid is a perfect macOS password manager. Why? With this app, you can autofill account credentials in a matter of seconds, generate complex and unique passwords with no hassle, and keep all your data safe in the Passwarden storage!

Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.

Protect Your Info with Our Reliable Mac Password Manager App

Passwarden by KeepSolid implements only state-of-art security algorithms, top-notch protocols, and reliable solutions for extra security.

Master password

All your sensitive information is securely locked behind a single master password that serves to scramble your Passwarden info. When you set it up, our Mac password manager app generates random encryption keys on your macOS device and cipher them using your master password. And it is these encryption keys that are used to code your data while sharing and syncing.

Encryption protocols

Our Mac password manager implements two bulletproof encryption protocols: AES-256 and ЕС р-384. The first one is trusted top-level protection. And ЕС р-384 protocol is impossible to decipher or break. Thanks to the client-side encryption, both these protocols execute on the end user's device. As a result, cleartext never leaves your macOS device.

Two-factor authentication

To add an extra layer of security to your Passwarden account and protect in-app info from any unauthorized access, we highly recommend you enable two-factor authentication. This measure employs two different types of authentication: something you know (your KeepSolid ID and master password) and something you have (backup code or passcode sent to your email/device).

How to Get Passwarden on Mac

Download password manager for Mac

Sign up and create a master password

Make sure your sensitive data are safe

If you need any help related to our best password manager for macOS, please check out the Manuals page or contact our customer support team via [email protected].

Store any Data with Our Best Mac Password Manager


It is not surprising, that the Mac password manager by KeepSolid can store passwords. However, it should be pointed out that apart from passwords, Passwarden allows storing account credentials, logins, software licenses, WiFi passcodes, and email accounts data. Get started with our best Mac password manager, forget the hassle of remembering numerous passwords, and be sure they are protected and at your arm’s reach!


Looking for the most secure way to store documents? You’ve landed in the right place! Our Mac password manager allows you to save your most important documents and access them whenever you need them. What records can be stored? ID card, passport, driver’s license, social security number, and other document types using secure notes. To top it off, Passwarden for macOS lets you share documents with your friends, family members, and colleagues without any hassle or possible security issues.


Well, why not just keep contacts in your phone’s address book? If it’s the only storage, losing the device may mean losing all phone numbers, emails, and other data. Our Mac password manager provides a convenient backup repository to keep all your contacts safe from prying eyes. Due to the client-side encryption, even the KeepSolid employees can’t access your in-app info. Thus, you don’t have to worry about data confidentiality and integrity!

Bank accounts

While it’s recommended to create complex unique passwords for every account, for accounts for financial operations and services this is a must. Online banking, bill-paying, and shopping are at heightened risk. Create strong passwords for such accounts, save these credentials to the Passwarden storage, and do not risk your info falling into the wrong hands! Download our Mac password manager right now and start protecting your financial info, business passwords, and bank accounts!

Features of Passwarden for Extra Convenience

1 account for all devices

With only one subscription, you can manage passwords on any number of devices. There is no extra pay for additional devices!

Multi-platform software

Passwarden by KeepSolid is compatible with all major platforms, can be used as a browser extension, and offers a web version.

Offline mode

You can access your Passwarden storage even without an active internet connection. The only condition is to be signed in to the KeepSolid account.

Universal KeepSolid ID

Single KeepSolid ID to access all KeepSolid services and User Office to manage all your subscriptions, isn’t that convenient?

Is Passwarden the Best Mac Password Manager?

To answer this question as frankly as possible, let's compare password managers for Mac. On this page, you can find a detailed overview of the main Passwarden alternatives. Data encryption protocols, supported platforms, security principles, additional features, and prices - we compare all these parameters. So make sure to check it out!

The short answer is Yes, Passwarden is the best password manager for macOS devices. Our reliable app ensures safe data storing, convenient password sharing, and info syncing without any threats. Get it now and see for yourself!

FAQ on Using Mac Password Manager App

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Get Started with Our Best Password Manager App on Any Device

Passwarden by KeepSolid is a cross-platform data storage that is compatible with all major operating systems. Download our reliable password manager now and explore a secure and convenient way of creating, storing, and managing your passwords!