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Protect your online data, privacy, and way of life in one hit of a button

What is MonoDefense?

MonoDefense is a bundle of security apps that aim to protect all areas of your digital life. Store your account credentials, safeguard browsing activity, defend against suspicious DNS traffic, and unblock access to the desired content with these 4 ultimate solutions.

VPN Unlimited®
VPN Unlimited®
DNS Firewall
DNS Firewall
Smart DNS
Smart DNS

Keep Anonymity During Web-Surfing

Protect Your Privacy

Render any online surveillance and spying after you impossible. Ensure secure web-surfing, untraceable data exchange, and anonymous communications on social media, forums, etc. 

Express Your Opinion Safely

Don’t risk becoming the target of cyber-bullying, witch-hunting, or thought-policing for your opinions. Take part in online discussions and express your point of view freely and without fear.

Protect your personal data

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (TFA, 2FA) adds an extra layer of protection. It will protect your account from hacking and unauthorized access by sending you a one-time passcode or authenticator app request every time someone tries to enter it.

Personal Data Protection

Using reliable data encryption protocols, such as AES-256, our apps will secure your information and traffic moving through them. No unauthorized party will be able to view your passwords, messages, etc.

Traffic Filtering

Filtering your traffic prevents you from accessing malicious sites and protects you from malware. In addition, it allows you to block sites that contain inappropriate content (e.g. annoying ads, gambling, or adult content).

Broad Device Range

Solutions that come with MonoDefense support all of the most popular platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and more! In addition, you can use a single account to protect a bunch of devices.

Strong Passwords

Strong passwords made easy with MonoDefense! Generate strong passwords in a click of a button, never worry about remembering them, and keep them, along with other sensitive information, safe and sound.

Family Protection

We will protect your kids, parents, and carefree spouses without them having to lift a finger. Sharing passwords and other important data via our apps instead of common emails and messengers is as secure as it gets! 

Unblock content across the whole world

Keep in touch with loved ones

Messengers and social networks are sometimes blocked in certain countries for various reasons - from bandwidth limitations to political censorship. MonoDefense helps bypass such hindrances.

Watch your favorite content

Wherever you travel, retain access to your favorite online streaming services, TV shows and movies, and video platforms. Don’t let geo-blocking and internet content censorship stand in your way!