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Thousands of families entrust their security 
to Passwarden®!

I adopted Passwarden on release, and it has proven its value time and time again. I can manage my passwords across my whole family, it’s so convenient!

Protect your family’s data with Passwarden

Get our reliable password manager right away and protect your sensitive information from any unauthorized access.

Keep Your Family Safe
 with Passwarden

Sharing passwords across your family with Passwarden is as easy as clicking a few buttons! See manual.

Passwarden is best for family accounts since you can store, manage, and share any kind of personal information — together:

Software licenses
Online banking data
Account data
Secure notes
ID cards
Driver’s licenses
Credit/debit cards

Securely Share Passwords
 and Accounts with Family

What exactly is so secure about data sharing via Passwarden? When you share your information via other means, such as by email or message, it goes through several dangerous tight spots where it can be intercepted. However, when sharing passwords with your family through Passwarden, they remain encrypted throughout the entire process. This protects your sensitive data from any unauthorized parties.

Family Password Manager for Any Device and Platform

Passwarden app is available on all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, browser extensions, and as a web application. 

Also, Passwarden is a cloud-based password manager. This means that all passwords and sensitive information in your vault are automatically synchronized across all your devices, as well as devices of family members who you shared the vault with.

Protect your family with the best password manager app

Get Passwarden now for free or check out our Family plan to get the best family protection that our password manager has to offer!