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The Best Family Password Manager

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Thousands of families entrust their security to Passwarden!

Invite your family members to your Passwarden account and use the best family password manager together. Store passwords and other sensitive data, securely share your information vaults, and manage your passwords across the whole family!

The Best Family Password Manager

Finding the best family password manager isn’t easy. Some shared password managers are too complicated for elder users and children, some can’t fully protect a family, and some are too expensive. They also often lack important family-friendly features, such as:

  • Password sharing
  • Strong password generation
  • Managing user permissions
  • Additional security options
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Easy data import
  • Form filling
  • Biometric login


If you’re looking for a family password manager that’s user-friendly, provides great security, and gives you the best bang for your buck, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than Passwarden. It’s the best shared password manager that has a free subscription. You can share it with your partner, kids, and parents and it will work just right for you and your family.

Keep Your Family Safe with Passwarden

Share passwords across your family using our family password manager in a few clicks! See manuals for more information about using the app.

Passwarden is the best password manager for families since you can store, manage, and share any kind of personal information — together:

Software licenses
Online banking data
Account data
Secure notes
ID cards
Driver’s licenses
Credit/debit cards

Protect your family with the best family password manager app

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Securely Share Passwords and Accounts with Family

What exactly is so secure about data sharing via our family password manager? When you share your information through other means, such as by email or message, it goes through several dangerous tight spots where it can be intercepted. 

However, when sharing passwords with your family through Passwarden, they remain encrypted throughout the entire process. This protects your sensitive data from any unauthorized parties.

How to Select the Best Family Password Manager in 2022

Every family password manager is unique. On the one hand, that’s great - a bigger selection means you’re more likely to find the perfect one for you. But it also makes it harder to compare them if you want to figure out what’s the best password manager for your family. To shed some light on this problem, below you’ll find several crucial aspects to look for in a shared password manager.


Any good family password manager must provide some sort of data encryption. One of the strongest encryption protocols AES-256 is what’s currently considered the industry standard. Other security features may include two-factor authentication (a.k.a. TFA or 2FA), secure sharing, emergency password, client-side encryption, etc.


The best family password managers are user-friendly. You’ll likely share them with your parents or children, who may not be that tech-savvy. So a shared password manager must be simple to understand, access, and use. At the same time, it should also provide the original account owner flexibility to manage other family members’ profiles and account permissions.

Family-friendly options

In addition to convenient family account management, the best family password manager should offer features that are designed with families in mind. For instance, password sharing functions, cross-platform and cross-device sync, shared and personal storage vaults, or user permissions and controls. Generally speaking, it’s the features that streamline family password management.

Great customer support

However user- and family-friendly an app is, there’ll always be a time when you just can’t seem to puzzle out how something works. Multiply this by the number of your family members - and you’ll have to spend a few hours a week helping them figure it out. Or, you could leave this to customer support! Preferably one that is helpful, available 24/7, and has a short response time.

Get the best family password manager!

Family Password Manager for Any Device and Platform

The Passwarden app is available on all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, browser extensions, and as a web application. What’s even better, this password manager for families can be used on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Also, Passwarden is a cloud-based family password manager. This means that all passwords and sensitive information in your vault are automatically synchronized across all your devices, as well as devices of the family members with who you shared the vault.

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