Browser Autofill to Speed Up the Login Process

Passwarden browser extension provides a reliable Autofill feature. Try this convenient option and negate any typing errors when filling out sign-in forms.


Save your account credentials in our top-notch storage, and autofill passwords in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers with no hassle.

What is password Autofill and how it makes your online routine easier

Password autofill is a powerful feature that simplifies your sign-in process and makes it more user-friendly and not time-consuming.


Instead of typing complex passwords every time you want to unlock any online application or sign in to any website, Passwarden allows you to autofill passwords saved in its secure storage.


Now, let’s take a closer look at how exactly password autofill works. Once you open any webpage and set focus on the sign-in form, Passwarden goes through every item you have in your storage. If there is a relevant one, the Passwarden icon appears next to the sign-in field. Click on this icon, and the reliable browser autofill feature will automatically fill out your account credentials.


Note: Make sure that your Passwarden profile is unlocked. Otherwise, password autofill won’t work.

Top 3 reasons to use Autofill

in Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers

To improve password security


Passwarden is not only a password autofill app; it’s encrypted storage for any data. Our reliable password manager employs a lot of security features to protect your stored data and ensure that you can safely share and autofill it. You won’t worry about remembering thousands of passwords, Passwarden remembers all of them for you. Thus, you can use strong and unique ones.

To prevent possible misprints


Have you ever printed your password or login name with Caps Lock enabled? Or maybe your device has automatically capitalized on the first character of the password? With Passwarden, you enter your account data once, and the browser Autofill feature fills it for you correctly, every time.

To save time and improve efficiency


With the Autofill feature, you would not get distracted by typing the sing-in data and account credentials. Our top-notch password manager auto-fills all your data on login forms. Therefore, you can stay focused on your ongoing tasks and become more productive.

How to use autofill in Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

  1. Navigate to any website and make sure to unlock your Passwarden profile.
  2. Set focus on the login field. If you have a relevant item in your storage, the Passwarden icon appears.
  3. Tap on the Passwarden icon and select the required credentials from the displayed list.
  4. That’s it! Once your credentials are filled out, complete the login process.

Note: For now, the Passwarden browser extension allows you to autofill only the Login data type.

Supported browsers

Simplify your login experience with Passwarden

Try out our top-notch password manager with the autofill passwords feature and get rid of typing passwords again and again!