Passwarden Data Sync

Data sync is what allows password managers like Passwarden to be available on multiple platforms. What’s more, cloud-based data sync makes it possible for Passwarden to secure your passwords and personal data. In this piece, you’ll learn how Passwarden’s cross-device and cloud-based data sync works, and how it improves your safety.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Data Sync in Passwarden


Data syncing across cloud servers allows Passwarden users to view and edit their passwords and data on any supported platforms:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Browsers
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Edge
  • Web app 

Unlimited devices

You can use a Passwarden profile on any number of devices simultaneously. Wherever and whenever you need to access or manage your passwords and data, you will be able to do so without restrictions!

How Passwarden Data Sync + Encryption Works

Our password manager synchronizes your data across all your devices and our cloud servers using an elaborate encryption process. This ensures that your passwords and other types of information are always available to you on all and any devices, while simultaneously remaining protected from any unauthorized parties.


  1. Any new items in your Vaults are immediately encrypted on your device with the AES256-GCM protocol.
  2. Your encrypted data is synchronized across Passwarden cloud servers. Even if you locally delete Passwarden data, it will still be stored on our servers, albeit in an encrypted form and unreadable to anyone without your Master Password.
  3. As soon as you log in to your account with a proper KeepSolid ID on another device (or if you’re already logged there), our cloud servers send your encrypted data to that device.
  4. To decrypt your data and be able to actually view your passwords and personal information, you will have to enter your Master Password. 
  5. Once we verify that you’ve entered a correct Master Password (a whole lot of encryption and data syncing is involved here as well), you get access to your Passwarden data.

Passwarden Security of Data Sync

Passwarden applies a number of security measures to protect your passwords and personal information, and to ensure that our cloud-based data syncing does not compromise your info in any way.


  • Encryption - to ensure that no one but you (not even KeepSolid’s employees!) can view your passwords and data, both on your devices and on our cloud servers
  • Master Password - to protect your data from unauthorized decryption
  • Two-factor authentication - to protect your account even if your Passwarden password gets compromised
  • Secure sharing - to let you share your passwords and personal information with teams and family members in the most secure and safe way
  • Duress Mode - to protect your passwords and personal information if you are forced to provide access to your Passwarden account to someone under duress (e.g. at customs)

Passwarden - Supported Platforms

Get Passwarden with Cloud-Based Data Sync

Download our multi-device, cross-platform password manager and access your passwords and personal info anytime and anywhere thanks to cloud-based data syncing!