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Duress Mode: Hide Your Data if You Have to Show App Under Duress

Travelling a lot? Ever heard of border officials searching travelers’ devices without any search warrant or a good cause? There are such known cases on Chinese, Hong Kong borders, and even in the US. Officials may view your photos and videos, read messages, and generally open any app installed on your phone or laptop. They may also go so far as to request you unlock your password manager app – the app with all your sensitive information that you wouldn’t like to show to anybody at all...


Sounds intimidating, right? But fear not! With Passwarden, all your private data remains private. Thanks to the Duress Mode feature you can prepare for such situations in advance and protect your passwords and other data if forced to show the app under duress. Learn more below!

Protect your sensitive data from the sticky fingers of hackers and cybercriminals

What is Duress Mode and how it protects your data

Paranoid Mode is a security feature of Passwarden, specifically designed to hide your sensitive data if you have to open the app under duress or other circumstances.


When configuring Duress Mode in your Passwarden app, you choose which vaults to show and which ones to hide. Besides, you create a special Duress Password. As soon as you enter the Duress Password instead of your Master Password when signing in, Duress Mode is activated. And voila! – your secret vaults get hidden as if they never existed before, displaying only the data you’ve previously chosen to show.


With Passwarden and Duress Mode, whatever happens, your data always remains private and inaccessible to any third parties, even if you’re physically forced to open the app. You can learn more on this page.

How to configure Duress Mode in your Passwarden app

  1. Get the Passwarden app for your device and sign up
  2. Navigate to Settings > Security
  3. Click the Set Up Duress Password button
  4. Create your Duress Password
  5. Select vaults you want to be displayed in Duress Mode
  6. Sign in with your Duress Password, when you need to activate Duress Mode


For a more detailed instruction on how to use Duress Mode, check out this manual.

Why store and protect your sensitive data with Passwarden

Bullet-proof data encryption

Security of your data is our top priority. To protect your passwords and whatever sensitive information you store in Passwarden, we apply the client-side encryption using AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocol. With such a high-level protection, Passwarden becomes your first line of defense against getting hacked.

Secure storage for everything

Passwarden can store not only your passwords, but many other valuable data as well. This includes your email and social media accounts, credit cards, SSN, passports, secure notes, and much more. And all this private information is absolutely safe with Passwarden, even if you open the app under duress.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your Passwarden account. When 2FA is on, besides providing your master password, you’re asked for an additional authentication step. This ensures that no one except you can get access to your data. Learn more about it here.

Try Passwarden and enjoy ultimate protection of your data

Try Passwarden now and entrust your sensitive information to the app that will never give it away, under no circumstances.