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How Secure is My Password

Most of our daily lives have shifted online, which means you should create and manage tons of online accounts like email, banking, social media accounts, and much more. All these accounts need strong and unique passwords to protect your data from being stolen. 


Secure passwords are crucial, especially given the increasing number of data breaches nowadays. So if you are concerned about the safety of your accounts, then How secure is my password? is the first question you should ask yourself.


How to check if your password is secure enough? How to create truly strong passwords to protect your accounts? What tools can you use? How can you generate strong passwords in just a few clicks? – We’re covering it all in this guide, check it out! 

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Why Should Your Passwords Be Secure

Using weak passwords is like leaving your front door without a lock and letting anyone peer into your private life whenever they wish. If any of your passwords doesn’t meet the below requirements, or you’re reusing them on several accounts, make sure to create secure ones as soon as possible. 

What are Requirements to a Secure Password

The widely followed are password policy standards issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The institute was founded in 1901 and is now part of the United States Department of Commerce. NIST has a long-standing history of providing a range of recommendations and frameworks across different industries, and in particular, resources for information security.  

According to NIST, the three pillars for a secure password are: 

  • Length 
  • Complexity 
  • Randomness

Let’s consider each of the requirements in detail. 

  • Secure password requirement 1: length 

NIST determines password length as the most important element for making it more secure and protecting your account and sensitive data.  

Short passwords are more vulnerable to brute force attacks, when a computer of a malicious program tests, say, every 8-character combination until the match is found. So the longer it is, the better. NIST recommends to “make passwords as lengthy as you want, within reason”. 

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  • Secure password requirement 2: complexity

It’s worth mentioning that hackers often go through the most commonly used passwords first, like “123456”, “qwerty123”, or “football”. Another frequent brute-force technique is a dictionary attack. As the name implies, a dictionary of possible passwords is tested. So, even if your password is quite long, but it’s simply a dictionary word, like “grasshopper”, it’s still far from being secure. Such passwords can be cracked quite fast and put your accounts and private data at high risk. 

How complex should be a password to be secure? The typical requirement implies that you should use a combination of both upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Here’s the example of a complex password generated by Passwardengk^n6FQXp9)8

  • Secure password requirement 3: randomness

Using information like date of birth, name, etc. is very tempting, as it’s the info you always remember. At the same time, being not fully confidential, this information is quite easy to be retrieved by those hunting for your data. Random combinations are more secure as they are difficult to guess or brute-force. 

Why Should Passwords be Unique

Each of your accounts should have its own secure password that doesn’t repeat anywhere. Reusing one and the same password combination, however long and complex it is, poses risks to the security of your accounts.

Imagine one of the services you’re using falls victim to a data breach, where hundreds or even millions of user logins credentials are stolen. In this case, any other of your accounts with the same password may also be compromised. So, make all your passwords unique to avoid it. 

How Long Does It Take to Crack Passwords

Weak 8-character passwords like “football”, “12345678” can be cracked in less than a blink of an eye, in just 0.19 milliseconds. Cracking a 10-character password that contains both upper- and lowercase letters and special symbols may take up to 10 years. The longer, more complex, and random your password, the longer it is to crack, and the more secure your accounts are.  

  8 characters password 10 characters password 12 characters password
Lowercase letters only instantly instantly several weeks
+ 1 uppercase letter half an hour 1 month 5 years
+ 1 number one hour 6 years 2 thousand years
+ 1 special symbol one day 50 years 63 thousand years

How to Generate Secure Passwords with Passwarden

  1. Download the Passwarden app
  2. Create a KeepSolid ID or log in with an existing one and set your Master password.
  3. In the app, choose the necessary item, for example, login, WiFi password, etc. 
  4. In the Password field, click Generate Password.
  5. Choose the desired length and tick digits, capitals, symbols.
  6. Once it’s generated, press the Use Password and click Save

That’s it! Now you have a secure password combination that meets all requirements and reliably protects your account.  


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How to Use Password Generator Page

Alternatively, you can use the Password Generator page on our website. There, select the length of your password, indicate if you want to use digits, symbols, and capitals, and instantly get your secure password combination.

Copy it to the clipboard and paste it where required. Compared to the app, this method has one drawback – the generated combination doesn’t get added to your vault and you have to remember it by yourself. 

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Perfect Tool to Generate and Store Your Secure Passwords

Coming up with a super-strong password may be a challenge. And remembering it is yet more challenging. Fortunately, the reliable password managers Passwarden successfully copes with both of these challenging tasks. Passwarden lets you: 

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  • Easily access your vaults from any device
  • Import your data from other sources 
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  • Securely share data with others
  • Protect your Passwarden account with 2FA
  • Hide your data with Duress Mode

Moreover, Passwarden can store such data as bank and credit card details, passport, ID card, Social security number, driver’s license, contacts, software licenses, email accounts, secure notes, and more – secure storage for all your sensitive info!

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