Why Autofill is a Major Security Risk

iPhone autofill feature simplifies the login process. With just a few steps, you can create passwords or login into your account without worrying about typing the wrong email address or a password. Additionally, the iPhone autofill feature will create your new accounts for you, so don’t even need to remember any passwords!


Sounds great ha? Not really. The autofill feature on iPhone is a double-edged sword, it indeed makes your life easy in some aspects, but it could make it also a nightmare. For this reason, you’ll learn in this article how to delete autofill on iPhone and why it is not a good practice when it comes to security standards.


How to Turn off Autofill on Your iPhone And Delete saved Data

  • Turn on your iPhone, and open the iOS Settings app from the home screen.
  • Head to "Safari" > "Autofill" > "Saved Passwords", tap on "Edit", select unwanted details and hit Delete to get rid of them from your iPhone.
  • To clear credit card information, select "Saved Credit Cards" on the Autofill settings screen, hit "Edit", check each unwanted detail, and tap on "Delete".


Why You Should Disable Autofill on iPhone:

A significant cyber security concern is the Safari autofill feature on iPhone, which typically activates automatically. There are indeed times when it is convenient, but it also makes it simpler for hackers to access your data.

Using autofill, whether it be in iPhone or the built-in password management features, is strongly discouraged. They haven't undergone a thorough vetting process and are full of security concerns.


Always select the "never remember for this site" option when entering your password, or delete it manually from your browser. We also advise checking that the autofill feature is off in your iPhone’s settings. By doing this, you'll stop hackers from accessing your accounts and personal data.

The main privacy issue with autofill is how quickly a hacker can get personal information, and steal, delete, or destroy your data. It is easy to get a web browser to reveal saved login information.

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other platforms

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Hackers can take advantage of your Autofill iPhone feature

A sample of how an attacker uses the autofill feature offered by most browsers, including Safari on iPhone, was shared on GitHub in 2017 by a Finnish web developer. By using phishing, he "found a vulnerability that can expose your saved data to a cybercriminal". The phishing website will provide the victim in this assault with "a succession of text boxes where it asks for some basic information." The hidden text fields are gathering your information without your knowledge.

If you use autofill to fill in the form; your login information, credit card number, and any other sensitive data are now available to the hacker. So, you should delete your logins on your iPhone and never save them there!

Why Choose Passwarden to Secure Your Credentials

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security. That’s why we made Passwarden. It protects your login information from security risks so you can keep your accounts safe. It alerts you to websites that use insecure HTTP and scans for weak, duplicate, or stolen passwords.

Passwarden also provides two-factor authentication (2FA), This means that to access your account, you will also need to enter a one-time code generated by Passwarden in addition to your master password. By adding a layer of security, this feature virtually eliminates the possibility of account hacking.

Duress mode

To protect your most sensitive data, you can use Duress mode to create a password that can be used in place of your Master password. When someone might force you to grant them access to your account, you might use the Duress mode in that situation. The person would only be permitted to access particular Vaults of your choice if you had enabled Duress mode. They’ll look like you deleted them. This assists in preventing them from seeing additional information that might be used against you in the future.


Passwarden Respects Your Privacy

Your login information and passwords are not secure without sophisticated threat detection and encryption, so the security policy of a password manager makes the difference between success and failure. 

Fortunately, Passwarden is among the world's most dependable service providers in that regard. The zero-knowledge policy, which states that the company does not sell, track, or access any information stored in the user's vault, is the first sign of our reliability. The entire encryption and decryption process takes place at the device level, removing the possibility that the company or any of its employees could access your login credentials.


You can use Passwarden on all of your devices for free. Install it on your mobile device, register for an account, and select a Master password. You can then create new Vaults, enter or import your login information, and benefit from Passwarden's exceptional security and dependability. We also provide a money-back guarantee with no questions if you're not happy.

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