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what is

Network Tools. Network Settings Checkup

Network Settings Checkup

Network Tools. Server Availability Test

Server Availability Test

Network Tools. WiFi Networks Scanner

WiFi Networks Scanner

Network Tools. Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface


Network Tools. Features
  • Detect packet losses with Ping
  • View the full route to the destination with Traceroute
  • Fast and accurate DNS resolve
  • Simple TCP client
  • Check the system routes with Network Routes
  • View details of your system network with Interfaces list
Network Tools. Features


Network Tools. Benefits. Server Check

Server Check

  • Add any custom domain for HTTP(S) availability check
  • Gives additional information on whether domain name can't be resolved or does not answer via HTTP protocol
Network Tools. Benefits. WiFi Devices List

WiFi Devices List

  • Shows a list of all WiFi neighbor devices with their respective IP and MAC addresses
  • Shows NetBIOS/Bonjour names of devices
  • Allows ping/traceroute of the found devices to check connectivity
Network Tools. Benefits. Ping


  • Allows you to detect a packet loss and network problems
  • Configurable timeout, delay, packet size, packet count
Network Tools. Benefits. Traceroute


  • Shows the full route from your device to the destination server
  • Gives you all the stats on intermediate network hops
Network Tools. Benefits. DNS Resolve

DNS Resolve

  • You can use system configured DNS servers or choose from the list of pre-defined ones
  • Fast and accurate data with copiable results
  • Supports both IPv4 (A) and IPv6 (AAAA) field types
  • Additional advanced field type responses are provided: MX, NS, SOA, SRV, TXT
Network Tools. Benefits. TCP Client

TCP Client

  • Connect to any plain-text that supports a TCP server
  • Supports HTTP, SMTP, POP3, Telnet protocols
  • Good for students researching network protocols
Network Tools. Benefits. Network Routes

Network Routes

  • Shows system routes on your device
  • Similar to "route" utility from your Mac, especially useful for developers
Network Tools. Benefits. Network Interfaces

Network Interfaces

  • Shows all system network interfaces along with associated addresses
  • Similar to "ifconfig" utility from your Mac