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What is a password manager?

Should I use a password manager?

How do I start using Passwarden?

How to use Passwarden password manager for free?

How to manage passwords in Passwarden?

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What is a password Vault?

What kind of information can I store in Passwarden?

What is Duress mode and Duress password?

What is a Master password, and why do I need it?

What if I forget or lose my Master password?

What is KeepSolid ID and why do I need it to use Passwarden?

How does two-factor authentication work in Passwarden?

How to use Passwarden password manager across multiple devices?

Does Passwarden offer a free trial?

On what platforms can I use the Autofill feature?

How Passwarden protects my data while syncing?

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Is Passwarden an open-source project?

Are there any differences between Passwarden browser extension, mobile/desktop applications, and web version?

The Autofill feature doesn’t work on my Android device. What should I do?

What is an email password?

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