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Promote some of KeepSolid’s best solutions: VPN Unlimited®, Passwarden®, and SmartDNS. Boost your earnings with the most reliable and clear affiliate commission rates in the industry.

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Benefits of KeepSolid Affiliate Program

About VPN Unlimited Affiliate Program

About Passwarden Affiliate Program

About SmartDNS Affiliate Program

Benefits of KeepSolid Affiliate Program

Earn stable and predictable commissions

Our commissions are fair, clear, and reliable, and our products offer provides great conversion. In addition, our commission structure is flexible – the better sales you drive, the more we pay. We also have fast payouts, 24/7 support, and always strive to keep our partnership mutually beneficial and to help you earn money using our VPN.

Work with dedicated professionals

Our affiliate account managers are always ready to help you generate sales. Our team of designers, writers, and marketers will provide you with creatives and other marketing collateral for free, tailored for your campaign. We’re always looking for new ways to boost our (and yours) sales and are thus open to your insights, ideas, and suggestions.

Promote the best service provider

Our products’ many top-notch features are what helps our apps stand out from the crowd. VPN Unlimited, Passwarden, and SmartDNS are renowned as the best services in their respective markets. This can further be attested by over 25 million of our satisfied customers – the number that we’re looking forward to increasing further with your help!

Some of the features that we offer to users:

  • 24/7 customer support via email and live chat
  • From 7- to 30-day money-back guarantee and 7-day free trial
  • 500+ lightning-fast VPN servers in over 80 locations globally
  • Military-grade AES-256 data encryption
  • No-log policy
  • Cross-device, multiplatform apps

Affiliate Market

If you’re considering joining our affiliate program (which you totally should if you wish to earn money using our apps!), you’re likely curious as to what your target audience will look like.

The potential markets to target are aplenty:

  • users who wish to remain private and anonymous online
  • security-conscious users
  • security-conscious parents (these are a different beast altogether)
  • users who wish to avoid geo-blocking
  • users who wish to save money via regional pricing
  • users who wish to secure their passwords
  • users who wish to unblock foreign streaming services

Pros and Cons of joining our affiliate program

The advantages to becoming our affiliate:

  • Low investment costs and high ROI make reseller programs the best way to earn money with our apps
  • We operate on billion-dollar markets, and our affiliate programs allow you to enter into them with little to no expertise or prior experience
  • security-conscious parents (these are a different beast altogether)
  • Our resellers enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working with an innovative company that aims to stay at the forefront of progress
  • Our affiliates get to work independently and at their convenient schedule
  • Our affiliate program literally allows you to earn money while you sleep!

Like all good things in life, affiliate programs do come with certain downsides:

  • Affiliate marketing programs may not be for you if you seek total control over the terms, pricing, and commissions. Affiliate programs are controlled by the company and not the individual
  • No guaranteed revenue – if nothing is sold, nothing is gained
  • Considering the money that can be earned as an IT affiliate, there is a higher competition to be found than in a less lucrative market
  • Like all marketing jobs, affiliate programs require alignment with your company’s goals and self-discipline

About VPN Unlimited® Affiliate Program

Promote VPN Unlimited® - the best privacy, security, and anonymity product of KeepSolid Inc. Boost your earnings with the most reliable and clear VPN affiliate commission rates in the industry. Earn up to 72 USD per every VPN Unlimited customer you refer.

How much will you earn with VPN Unlimited®?

Get fixed, clear rewards for all purchases that your users make.

Customer order

1 Month



You Earn


24 USD

72 USD

What is VPN Unlimited®?

VPN Unlimited helps keep its users safe, private, and secure, and their data and web traffic – encrypted and protected. Speaking more technically, a customer signs up for a recurring (monthly or annual) or lifetime fee. In return, VPN Unlimited masks the customer’s IP address and real physical location, as well as encrypting their outbound and inbound web traffic.

As a result, VPN Unlimited secures the user’s internet connection, ensures their privacy and anonymity, and allows them to bypass geo-restrictions and government censorship. As a VPN affiliate partner, you will earn money whenever someone purchases our VPN subscriptions using your link.

Why You Should Be Excited About VPN Unlimited® Affiliate Program

Virtual Private Networks, a.k.a. VPNs have been around for quite some time now. Yet, this technology would primarily be popular with cybersecurity enthusiasts and computer geeks. Until last decade, that is.

A major push to VPNs going mainstream was, of course, Edward Snowden’s revelation on how governments worldwide were snooping on their citizens’ online activities and private data. The half-baked attempt at fixing the damage via GDPR and whatnot only added fuel to the bonfire of public trust to governments and corporations. And finally, let’s not forget the issues of geo-blocking and regional pricing.

These three factors combined, it’s hardly any wonder that VPN services popularity has been growing since. The global market for VPNs is projected to grow to at least $50 billion within the next few years. All this makes now a perfect time to join VPN affiliate programs and earn money using VPN Unlimited!

About Passwarden® Affiliate Program

Promote Passwarden® - the best secure password manager. Boost your earnings with the most reliable and clear affiliate commission rates in the industry. Earn up to 70 USD per every Passwarden customer you refer.

How much will you earn with Passwarden®?

Get fixed, clear rewards for all purchases that your users make.

Customer order




You Earn


30 USD

70 USD

What is VPN Passwarden®?

KeepSolid affiliate program allows you to earn money with Passwarden - our password manager app. Such services are used to generate passwords and then store, secure, and manage them, along with other personal information. Users will no longer have to come up and memorize complex passwords - Passwarden will do this for them!

Passwarden offers users KeepSolid’s signature quality and security via its features, such as:

  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Two-factor authentication for extra protection
  • Secure password sharing
  • Duress mode
  • Cross-device synchronization
  • Multi-platform application
  • Password generation and auto-fill

Why You Should Be Excited About Passwarden® Affiliate Program

More and more users become aware of all the cybersecurity threats that lurk around - and are concerned about them. When looking for ways to protect themselves, one of the most common pieces of advice they find is to follow “password hygiene”.

It includes:

  • Creating strong passwords - that are long random combinations of characters.
  • Using unique passwords for each and every account.

What does all that mean for you? That more and more users have dozens or hundreds of complex passwords on their hands and are expected to somehow memorize and manage them all. That last part - memorizing and management - is exactly what Passwarden offers to security-conscious netizens. And where there’s such a rapidly growing demand, there’s a good buck to be made. Interested? ;)

About SmartDNS Affiliate Program

Promote SmartDNS - the best secure password manager. Boost your earnings with the most reliable and clear affiliate commission rates in the industry. Earn up to 49.99 USD per every SmartDNS customer you refer.

How much will you earn with SmartDNS?

Get fixed, clear rewards for all purchases that your users make.

Customer order




You Earn


10 USD

50 USD

What is VPN SmartDNS?

SmartDNS is the ultimate solution to help those in need of quality TV shows and movies. It’s not uncommon for some streaming services or a part of their content to be restricted in certain regions. If that’s the case, and if you’ve already purchased this service, you may find yourself unable to access the films and shows you’ve paid for. Now, how fair is that?

That’s where SmartDNS comes in. It modifies the user’s DNS queries in such a way that allows to bypass content restrictions and geo-blocking, providing access to any content the user wants. Moreover, SmartDNS does all that without slowing down the user’s internet speed, which makes this service perfect for accessing FullHD streaming and other speed-demanding content.

Why You Should Be Excited About SmartDNS Affiliate Program

There are services that, similarly to SmartDNS, allow to unblock geo-restricted content - e.g. proxy servers and VPNs. However, there are several drawbacks to them. First, they tend to significantly slow down internet connection, meaning no fast streaming. Second, streaming services are well aware of proxies and VPNs and can block them.

And on the contrary, SmartDNS can’t be blocked like VPNs or proxies, and it doesn’t slow down the internet. This makes it an ideal option for those who wish to unblock streaming services and watch the best shows and movies at FullHD without lags.