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KeepSolid Authenticator —
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  • Guaranteed strong 2FA protection
  • Compatible with all services
  • User-friendly navigation and interface
  • Can be used on unlimited devices
  • Backup and export functionality
Features of KeepSolid Authenticator for iPhone
Your Apple device is a treasury of sensitive information: accounts, passwords, emails, etc. And the best thing you can do for their integrity is to provide an extra layer of security. KeepSolid Authenticator is the perfect solution to protect your accounts with Two-Factor Authentication along with standard registration credentials
TOTP Authentication
Easy-to-use Interface
QR Code Authentication
Multiplatform Support
Biometric Authorization
Management and Backup
Authenticator by Keepsolid

How Does the Authenticator App Work on iPhone?

Logging into any service or a website with a 2FA a user provides a login and password(something that he knows). Then the website or service generates a required code but doesn’t show it to the user. Then the user runs the KeepSolid Authenticator app, which independently computes and displays the same password (something that you have). The user enters it and authenticates his identity for the app. That’s it!

Authenticator by Keepsolid

How KeepSolid Authenticator is Used in Corporate Sector

KeepSolid Authenticator is an app designed with regular users and business owners in mind. The app suits best for family or team use. For example, if your partner or employee is not able to give access to a service due to his absence, with KeepSolid Authenticator you can have access on your own. All you need to do is to link your corporate account to the authenticator app and you will have access to TOTP whenever you need.

Why You Need KeepSolid Authenticator on iPhone

Safer than SMS
or authenticationSafer than SMS or authentication

Using the KeepSolid Authenticator on an Apple device you can generate a one-time password to log in to the app. It will be safer than a text message because the generated code doesn’t leave your Apple device and has a very short validity period.

Many accounts
in one placeMany accounts in one place

KeepSolid Authenticator allows you to link many accounts to the app on Apple. If you have many accounts in one service, you will not have to register each of them separately (like in SMS authentication). With KeepSolid Authenticator, you can have codes for all your accounts in one place.

interfaceIntuitive interface

Our solution can be downloaded on your Apple device and managed even by a child. You can link any of your accounts in two clicks and edit all your linked accounts and sort them into folders. The interface is not bulky and can be managed intuitively.

KeepSolid Authenticator First Start on iPhone

Install the app from the App Store

and run it.


Turn on the 2FA in the service you need
and get a QR code.


Tap «Pair new service» on the Main Screen
of the Authenticator app.


Scan the QR code you’ve got
with KeepSolid Authenticator.


Now you’ve linked the first service
to the Authenticator App.


Then enter the generated six-digit code
into the service you need.

 Voila! Now you’ve protected your account with KeepSolid Authenticator. The next time you authorize the service, you’ll have to insert the generated six-digit code from the Authenticator App. Keep safe with KeepSolid! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KeepSolid Authenticator app free?

Yes. Our solution is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Market depending on the operation system of your device. Both iPhones and Android phones are supported.

Can I back up my accounts in KeepSolid Authenticator on my iPhone?

Yes. Backup of your items can be made with a backup file you create in the app. Even data from your lost iPhone can be restored so that you will not lose access to the linked services.

Where can I get help if I have any questions?

You can always contact our Customer Support via [email protected]. Our professional team will be glad to assist you with any issue concerning our services.

Can I use the Authenticator App in Passwarden or VPN Unlimited with my KeepSolid account?

Sure, you can use KeepSolid Authenticator as an additional security measure with Passwarden and VPN Unlimited. Enable the option Authenticator App in your User Office and follow the instructions. 

  1. Install the Authenticator app from the App Store.
  2. Turn on the 2FA on the account via Require password switch. It is recommended to save the Backup codes.
  3. Enable the Authenticator App option switcher.
  4. Scan the QR code you’ve got in the pop-up dialog window with the KeepSolid Authenticator app.
  5. Click Next on the dialog and enter a 6-digit code generated from the KeepSolid Authenticator app and click Verify.
  6. Now you've successfully set 2FA for your KeepSolid account.

Important: As soon as you enable the feature, you will be automatically logged out of your account on all your devices. When logging in, you’ll also need to provide a generated code along with your login and password.

Authenticator by Keepsolid

Enjoy the security features
of KeepSolid Authenticatorfor iPhone

Leave no chance for hackers
to gain access to your accounts!