Keeping sensitive data safe is important for your business!
Over 9 billion records were lost or stolen since 2013
Today keeping corporate data safe is even more important!
What do your employees do while using Internet connection?
  • Access cloud storages with your company confidential data
  • Make financial transactions
  • Send emails containing your business' sensitive data
  • Communicate with customers and partners

What sensitive data do they unintentionally expose?
  • Account credentials that allow to access your cloud storages
  • IP addresses of important web resources
  • Confidential documentation sent via emails
  • Credit сard credentials
  • Your customers' and partners' private information

All this data, if intercepted, can be used against your business!
With Business VPN by KeepSolid you can forget about this problem!
  • High-level encryption and our special VPN protocol
  • Private VPN server dedicated to your team only
  • Easy-to-use apps and a handy control panel
  • 400+ public VPN servers in 70+ countries

And it doesn't matter where your team is actually located!
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