Create Goals Mind Maps

Create helpful and engaging Mind Maps online and showcase them to your employees, team members, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone’s on the same pag

Goals Mind Map

Collaborate with your team

Create teams, manage their composition, assign specific members to specific tasks or sprints. With the Goals team collaboration software, teamwork and project management walk hand in hand.

Manage Tasks

Create and manage tasks, fill Kanban boards with sprints, plan works, and see them done

break goals into tasks

Visualise your Goals with Roadmaps

With Roadmap feature you can accurately prioritize, schedule, track progress and organize your projects into easily manageable units, which means a more refined control.

Stay Goal-Oriented

As the name implies, this online task management software is goals-oriented. All other features you’ll find here serve the purpose of setting and achieving business goals.

Goals oriented App

Use Sprints, Kanban Boards

In the Goals, you can generate Sprints to facilitate Agile Project Management. Develop deliverable product or project increments and see how your sprints build upon previous ones on your path to reaching your Goals!

Projects Gallery

The Goals serves great as a Work Management Platform. It showcases all the critical information about your projects on a single screen. This allows managers to  Track Projects, Manage Workload, informs the status of tasks, and  facilitates time planning and Goal Management

Easy, Visual, Intuitive

The Goals is dedicated to making the process of task and Project Management simple and effective. From the wide selection of capabilities down to the smallest elements of the interface and features like Drag and Drop, you’ll have at your disposal everything to achieve your Goals

Manage Workload

A crucial part of Team Work Management is managing the workload of every single employee and contractor. Thereby, a PM or a business owner can ensure that every worker is occupied just enough that the project advances at an optimal pace, yet no one is overwhelmed with their tasks.

Milestones & KPIs

Define important milestones and determine your projects’ KPIs to bring order into the chaos of Project Development. Setting concrete indicators to measure your work and the direction your Project Development is going is vital to ensure your business endeavor’s success.

Budget Control feature coming soon

Closely watch and manage your projects’ budget

Benefits of our Task Management Software

  • Web Version - Available on any Device
  • Multi-Grade Data Encryption
  • Agile Friendly Environment
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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