How to work with KeepSolid Goals?

How to create a Target in the Goals App?

How can I manage my Target in the Goals App?

What is the maximum number of Targets I can manage?

I want to collaborate with others. Do I need to create a team?

How to invite members to my Team?

How to add members to my Target?

How can I extend my Team?

Can all team members create and edit Goals and Tasks?

Can I assign a Goal or a Task to multiple users?

How to set my Target Goals?

What is the Tasks tab?

How can I add a Task?

How to set Key Result in the Goals App?

How to use Sprint Planner?

How to control the workload of your Sprint?

How to work with the Kanban board?

How does the Goals App help me to make business decisions?

How to go through the app onboarding one more time?

Do you offer any demos?

Can I try the Goals app for free?

Are you going to add some new features?

How can I cancel the auto-renewable subscription?

Glossary of the Main Terms

What is a Target

What is Goal

What is a Team

What is a Task

What is Sprint

What is a Sprint Planner

What is Kanban boards

What is Backlog

What is Archive

Custom roles

Due Date


Target team

Key Result of Goal

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