Why Use Passwarden by KeepSolid?

Strong passwords made easy

While we all know that it’s recommended to use unique and strong passwords, remembering them often ends up too much of a hassle. Allow Passwarden to take care of that! This app will carry the burden of creating and storing dozens of strong, unique passwords for you. It’s super-convenient, and much safer than writing down your passwords on a piece of paper or in an excel sheet.

Secure data storage

Passwarden can store and protect all sorts of sensitive information: passwords, software licenses, Driver’s License, ID cards, SSN, online banking data, etc. Features that ensure the safety of your data include encryption, two-factor authentication, secure sharing, Duress mode, and more.

Streamlined and convenient

When designing Passwarden, we at KeepSolid wanted to make sure that this app is easy to pick up and keep using. You can easily import your saved data from other storages and browsers using data migration. Our smart autofill feature will enter your passwords for you. And you can enjoy the benefits of Passwarden on an unlimited amount of supported devices with a single account.

KeepSolid’s Signature Quality In Passwarden

Top-notch data encryption

Passwarden employs AES-256 in GCM mode and EC p-521 technology for improved data encryption and integrity. This reliably protects your passwords and other stored information by rendering it completely incomprehensible to any unauthorized third parties. So even if your data gets intercepted, it will be completely useless.

Local account protection

In addition to securing your data within the app, your Passwarden profile is also tightly protected. Two-factor authentication ensures that even if someone steals your Master password, they won’t be able to use it to access your storage. And with Duress Mode, if you’re ever forced to reveal your Passwarden password to someone, they will only see what you want them to see.

Developed by security experts

KeepSolid is one of the leaders of the cyber security industry. We’ve been on the market for 6+ years now, with over 20 million customers globally entrusting their safety and data to us. Our vast expertise is manifested in Passwarden, allowing the solution to meet the highest industry standards, store and generate strong passwords, and protect any and all the stored data.

Further reading on Passwarden

If you’d like to learn more about security and convenience features of Passwarden, check out the solution’s website!