Strategy planning shouldn't be like using an old map of the with decorative and fantasy elements, pirate sailing ships, and a plain compass

4 Subtle Facts About Strategic Planning

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Living in the modern, rapidly growing world, business guys have to be ready for any challenges in the work environment. It’s not so easy to stay afloat when there are lots of competitors, fastidious customers, and constant innovation race. If you don’t have some sort of psychic powers that would change this, you’ll need a strategic plan for your business. A clear vision of your goals that the latter grants you is almost 50% of success. Read on to learn some interesting facts which will surely benefit your strategic planning.

Fact #1. Elaborating on your dream for perfect business is crucial for creating a strategic plan

Have you ever noticed how deeply is business strategy connected with marketing? In a nutshell, a strategic plan is a conclusion of your mission and vision, the two most important moments that you spell out in a business concept. Answering the question “How?”, your strategic plan has to base on your cherished dream for what your perfect business strives to achieve. It should be realistic – not a picture of a unicorn, but of a real pedigreed horse. Don’t get lost in generalities as well, it has to be as clear as possible.

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Fact #2. Even the ideal strategy is worth nothing if its creation impedes its realization

There is no sense to waste a lot of time scrupulously thinking through all the details – your plan will change and shift anyway in response to your clients and competitors. Your strategic plan is not the list of ironclad rules. Even if there are no global world changes, this still doesn’t guarantee the 100% realization of the plan. Don’t work out your strategy plan longer than needed.

Fact #3. About 40% of people in each European country name job as the main source of stress

Plans, goals, and ideas falling down the rabbit holeThe sources of stress may vary, depending on whether you are a CEO or a simple worker. But generally speaking, the main reason of stress is when you can’t control what’s happening. Creating a strategic plan is the ideal recipe for getting a handle on your business and avoiding long-term stress. The latter is especially important, seeing how long-term stress can cause low motivation, poor performance, depression, and many other health problems. Do you really want to skate on a thin ice?

Fact #4. Our brains always forget irrelevant data

Brain is a mysterious organ for which the sky’s the limit. But what is more interesting is its ability to forget. You just can’t remember everything. This ability is very important for human survival, because your brain has to go off with unnecessary information. Unfortunately, it’s not up to us to decide which of the information is important. That’s why a formalized strategic plan is so valuable. Just write down the plan so that your brain won’t fail you.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”. That’s why building a (road)map is your top priority if you want to reach your goals. Click To Tweet

In the context of business, going nowhere means jumping into a rabbit hole of the unknown. Business people carry huge responsibilities, so making a roadmap for your business facilitates the execution of its tasks. What’s even more important is finding a perfect strategy building app.

Roadmap Planner has lots of useful features which will surely save you time and facilitate the objective fulfillment. Creating milestones and items will help to visualize your path to success; Gantt Chart View as an interactive timeline will optimize your workload; and when your task is completed it can be “checked off” or removed from your project.

Sure, you can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. Download Roadmap Planner and always have the lead in this fast-paced world.

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