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Personal Information Collection

KeepSolid Inc. collects some personal information from registered users. During the registrations users have to input a username, password, and a valid email address.

KeepSolid Inc. uses the provided registration information to authenticate users and provide access to the KeepSolid Inc. services. We may also use the provided email addresses in order to communicate with our customers. By registering in the KeepSolid Inc. system and creating a KeepSolid ID, you automatically accept receiving email messages from us. KeepSolid Inc. may send you email messages with notifications about changes to its services, maintenance or promotional materials from KeepSolid Inc.. You can unsubscribe from the marketing and promotional materials at any time using the corresponding links in the emails. Even if you are unsubscribed, KeepSolid Inc. may contact you via provided email for purchases confirmation, technical support, or any security issues.

When purchasing Services, you will be required to provide additional information that may include a credit card number or other banking or payment information ("Billing Information").

KeepSolid Inc. has no access to your database password or any data stored in your local database on your devices. If you are using KeepSolid Inc. data records or tasks synchronization and backup service, the KeepSolid Inc. will have access to the encrypted binary file on our servers which contains your database. We need this access to provide you a secure backup and restore of your local personal database in case you have lost or damaged your device. KeepSolid Inc. will have no access to the data stored in this database.

KeepSolid Inc. does NOT collect and log any user activities while using any of their VPN services, except the total amount of web traffic for each session and session dates, for displaying them in user’s web cabinet and within the VPN client apps. KeepSolid Inc. also stores the encrypted information about the amount of connected devices for each account, as the maximum permitted amount is limited. This information can be assessed in the User Office, where any user can delete their devices from their account.

KeepSolid Inc. may ask you to provide us with some technical non-personal information which may be collected in the background by the client apps. The following information may be collected: the user’s KeepSolid ID; the connection attempt time; the connection type; the encryption type; the device type, etc. This information will be used strictly for technical purposes, such as overall system improvement and increase of user experience.

KeepSolid Inc. collects and logs common user statistics and website traffic only for KeepSolid Inc.’s websites. This information includes such parameters as website traffic, date, time and duration of visits, frequency of visits and to which pages, and so on. This information is collected anonymously and will not contain any personal or private data. KeepSolid Inc. uses such information to maintain and administer the KeepSolid Inc. services and websites and to improve the quality of delivered services.

The Billing Information, Site Information, and Service Information may be referred to below, collectively, as the "Data". "Personally Identifiable Data" means that data which directly, or used in conjunction with other provided information, enables the identification of a specific individual.

KeepSolid Inc. takes reasonable precautions such as policy-based access control to protect the Data in our possession from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access. KeepSolid Inc. follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the Data, both during transmission and once received by KeepSolid Inc.

KeepSolid Inc. may use collected non-personal user statistics (for example, the percent of customers which used a backup & restore option) for promotional presentations of our services to possible partners, reviewers, advertisers, distributors, and other third parties for lawful purposes. KeepSolid Inc. will never disclose any personal private data to third parties except when we must comply with laws that require such disclosure to law enforcement authorities or other government third party officials, such as subpoenas.

At any time you may deactivate your KeepSolid ID and delete your personal private data. Please, contact us at [email protected] clearly indicating your desire to deactivate and delete such data.

In accordance with the Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), KeepSolid Inc. does not intentionally collect nor solicit personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen (13) years of age.

Other than as disclosed in this Privacy Policy, KeepSolid Inc. at no time will disclose identifiable personal data to any third parties without your express, written approval.

Passwords and private data

Your KeepSolid ID information, such as username and password, is encrypted using AES 256 algorithm, so only you will have access to it. The protection of the password, which gives access to the personal private data, is the user's responsibility. The password, which gives you access to the KeepSolid Inc. services and all your personal data, is known only by you. KeepSolid Inc. employees will have neither access to your password nor methods to decrypt it. KeepSolid Inc. or its representative will never ask you about your KeepSolid ID password. Please, notify us about any such attempts by emailing us at [email protected].


KeepSolid Inc. uses cookies to store and track information about your usage of our services. Cookies are encrypted and unidentifiable files with information which are sent to your browser. Thesefiles are created each time you are using KeepSolid Inc. web services. We may use cookies to collect aggregated statistics about user actions on the KeepSolid Inc. websites. We may share the collectedunidentifiable data in its aggregate non-personal form with advertisers, distributors, or other third parties who may advertise on the KeepSolid Inc. websites.

Third Party Links

We may place links to websites and services operated by third parties on the KeepSolid Inc. websites. KeepSolid Inc. makes no representations or warranties about the policies of third party websites that are linked to KeepSolid Inc. or any of its services. We highly recommend you to read the privacy policies posted by those third party websites.

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