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How VPN for Teams Solves Challenges of Digital Marketing Companies

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Updated on Jan. 9, 2020  

Why businesses need VPNs? What pains of organizations does a corporate VPN service cure? If you’ve ever asked these questions, this post will shed some light on them. We’re going to share with you the experience of one our clients from the digital marketing sphere (though for security purposes we won’t disclose the company’s name). Enjoy!

About our client from the digital marketing field

Our client is the US-based digital marketing agency with offices in several other countries. We’ll call the owner James Williams. Mr. Williams’ customers include mid-market and enterprise companies in a range of industries like healthcare, information technology, retail, and much more.

Challenges our digital marketing client had to overcome

Mr. Williams’ primary concern was the security of the data their marketing company handles. It is actually a pressing issue for any digital marketing agency. Operating in this field generally relies on working with sensitive information about customers’ business, their users or clients, and much more.

It’s crucial that all this valuable information stays private. Cyber attacks and data leaks can have a drastic impact both on the digital marketing agency itself, as well as its clients.

The picture of a hacker getting into the database and stealing thousands of user credentials, emails, contact details, dates of birth, and whatever info available, would send chills down Mr. Williams’ spine.

Hacker trying to steal corporate data


Some of the consequences can bear legal character, like the affected customers filing a class action lawsuit against the agency. Besides litigation issues and possible fines, the company’s reputation would also be jeopardized. This, in turn, could affect all its future work prospects.

James Williams pays special attention to raising security and privacy awareness in all his offices. Each new worker is taught general online security precautions. They are also instructed to take special care when working with sensitive data and company databases.

A few of Mr. Williams’ employees are remote workers. Some prefer coworking spaces, others tend to connect to free WiFi hotspots in cafes and other public places, which is far from being secure. You cannot control how such workers use the internet, whether they take the necessary measures, especially on unsecured WiFis. However well you educate your staff, there is always chance of human error, or to be more correct in this case, unintended negligence.

So, James Williams was looking for a solution that would guarantee his employees secure access to company databases, regardless of the location and the network they are working in.

The solution KeepSolid offered to the digital marketing agency

To address all the issues described, we offered Mr. Williams our corporate security and privacy solution, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for Teams. Taking into account that Mr. Williams had previously explored the topic, we did not need to explain what is a VPN and how does VPN work.

Our client previously tried several VPN providers but decided to part ways with them. The reasons included slow internet and frequent connection drops. Additionally, the VPN services James Williams tested before offered separate VPN subscriptions for each employee, which turned out to be quite inconvenient for a transnational corporation.

To save our client’s time,  VPN Team plans allows to manage all teams from one single admin panel. This considerably simplifies the process for the accounting department, too. They only need to prolong one subscription instead of dozens of separate ones.

Let’s get to the point on how exactly VPN Unlimited Team addressed Mr. Williams’ challenges:

  • Protection of all the sensitive data our client handles

    Whenever Mr. Williams or his employees connect to VPN servers, all internet traffic is routed via reliably encrypted VPN tunnel. The military-grade AES-256 encryption ensures unmatched protection of all sensitive corporate data on any network.

    Corporate VPN service - interface

    Adding  VPN for teams to our client’s security toolkit considerably boosts the corporate data protection. This lets him focus on marketing agency development, not being distracted by security concerns.

  • Absolute security of company databases

    To eliminate risk of negligence (like when a worker forgets to enable VPN Guide and uses company databases on unsecured networks), we provided the following solution.

    James Williams’ network administrators restricted access to their databases to the specific IP addresses of VPN servers only. This makes it impossible for employees to reach the marketing agency database if they are not connected to the company VPN.

These are the two benefits of our solution we stressed out to the client. The app’s features definitely left no questions on why would the business want to use our VPN.

Other perks the digital marketing agency gained with VPN for teams

Now that the client knew how our VPN provides security, we also showed other perks of using VPN for business, and for the digital marketing sphere in particular. VPN’s ability to change the user’s IP address opens up the following possibilities for marketers:

  • Research different markets at the local level and get more accurate search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Check how your ads are displayed in different regions
  • Conduct competitor research unnoticed

Our team organized a demo for James Williams’ marketing agency to show how our VPN works and guided through how to set up a VPN server for their business. We also activated the free 7-day trial, allowing to test all VPN Unlimited Team features to the full extent before purchasing the subscription.

When the trial was over, Mr. Williams was eager to get the subscription to our corporate VPN service to continue enjoying its benefits.



Conclusions on VPN for teams case study

James Williams’ marketing agency has been clients of VPN for teams for a year now. Our dedicated account manager ensures that they face no issues with the service and guides them through whatever questions arise.

VPN for teams considerably boosts data protection and allows to access the company’s database absolutely securely. This lets Mr. Williams and his employees focus more on marketing tasks, without extra worries.

Remote workers and employees who travel a lot can work on any WiFi networks and never lose access to company resources. Besides, VPN for teams lets James Williams’ marketing agency conduct more accurate market and competitor research.

If you also would like to secure your company’s sensitive information and employ our corporate VPN service for all the purposes described, get VPN for teams now!  

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