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2019 Year in Review: The Biggest Moments of Goals by KeepSolid

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Ho Ho Ho! New Year is just around the corner, and so it’s high time to reflect on the year gone by, sum up your key results, and set goals for the new one. That’s exactly what our team is going to do right now. 

Even though we have just officially released our goal-oriented platform this fall, we already have some achievements to recall and appreciate. So, catch a small break from your holiday buzz, make yourself comfortable, and join us in the Goals journey through time. Let’s check out our biggest moments throughout 2019 and greatest plans for 2020 together 🤗

Major developments of Goals by KeepSolid

Our story begins with a successful 3 month long public beta test. Goals by KeepSolid was officially released on November 11, 2019, and after that followed even more achievements to be proud of: 

  • KeepSolid team itself uses Goals. One of the core values of our company is to use our own products on a regular basis, and Goals is no exception. All KeepSolid employees work in the app – we even use it in the development of our flagship product VPN Unlimited

Our top management regularly updates the list of Objectives that our company wants to achieve and adds the relevant teams to work towards them. For each Objective we create a detailed mind map of Key Results that we split into Sprints and Tasks and track the progress in a Kanban board. Using our app day by day helps our team find any bugs in time and make our products even better and more intuitive for YOU.

 Four men discussing how to increase Goals Client Monthly Growth.

  • Goals’ Client Monthly Growth rate has reached 30%. We’ve released our goals-oriented platform just two months ago and have seen 30% monthly user growth since then. And according to our statistics and user feedback, this number is going to grow even more! We are glad our clients choose Goals for their business. 
  • Roadmap Planner merges with Goals. In January, 2020, our team will discontinue support of Roadmap Planner and officially make this feature-rich app a part of Goals by KeepSolid. The latter has already taken the best from the former, so now our Goals users can easily create their roadmaps to have the big picture of their projects. Our Roadmap Planner users, in turn, will be able to import their documents, projects, and teams to Goals and keep working towards their Objectives via our new platform in January.      

Future plans for Goals by KeepSolid

Despite the fact that Goals is already a self-sufficient business solution, our team keeps working on the implementation of other essential business features. We strive to make our goal-oriented platform better for you, that’s why our team regularly updates our app to allow you to achieve your business goals even more efficiently. The following three features are our greatest objectives for the next year:

  • Change management. This feature is based on a data-driven approach that helps you record the process of changes via your Objectives and make the right business decisions in real time. In a nutshell, our app will let you track and store in the archives the history of your employees’ results and progresses, alterations in the Objectives’ budget, key results, and key metrics. As a result, you will be able to draw more realistic business plans based on this archived data. 

Change Management concept.

Let’s say you create a task and assign it to one of your team members. In the Task Duration field, you set 2 hours. Our app, in turn, will analyze all the tasks finished by this team member, calculate the throughput time, and might advise you to set 3 hours instead, as this is the average time in which this worker performs such tasks. You set 3 hours, your worker meets the deadline, and voila, your plan is successfully implemented.  

  • Budgeting. Thanks to this feature, you will set budget for your Objectives, split it between your key results, and monitor the exact amount of money you spent. The budgeting feature will help you to always stay within your business budget and conduct effective budget management. 
  • Data import. In short, you will be able to import all the necessary documents from other applications right to Goals. We can’t disclose all the platforms that will be supported by this feature yet, but (it’s a super-secret!) Jira and Trello are included 🤫

That’s it for today! Now you can get back to all that celebration buzz and our team will keep polishing the Goals platform according to your needs and requests. We can’t wait to share with you our future achievements, so stay tuned to our blog to never miss any updates!

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